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Engagement Photos – Union Park

Megan and I decided that the theme of our wedding would be an Early 60s Mod Theme.  You know, Mad Men with a little modern twist.  In celebration of that, I donned my skinny tie, Megan put on her best dress and we went to Heather Stumpf at Vavoom Pinups(who is awesome, by the way — as is her talented fiancée Chris who does fantastic headshot photos), and had an unbelievable photo session.  I think Megan looks out of this world.  I look like the nerd who caught the princess.  You decide . . .

Below are just a few of the photos we took in Union Park.  A great park just west of The Chicago Loop.  It’s where my brother Chris, Megan and I went to the Pitchfork Music Festival last year.


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