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The First 365 Days


Well, the wedding has come and gone, but we have a whole year of marriage to get used to this, so what do we do?  BLOG!  Welcome to THE FIRST 365 DAYS!  Tune in every day for a little slice of what its like to be us — or Casey Anthony.  What?  Just kidding.


Below is the original Welcome Page.  But from here on out, no more wedding, all marriage.


Welcome to our interweb site!!! We’re large and in charge on the world . . . wide . . . web!!!! We’re going to kick this internet thing right smack in its websticles. i mean, look at the way it’s dressed . . . it’s asking for it!


This website has or will have everything you would ever want to know about the marriage of Timmy T and Megan G.

The MAIN CATEGORIES are on the top right of the HOME PAGE.

  1. You can read about how Timmy and Megan met in HOW WE MET (Timmy Version and Megan Version)
  2. You can read how Timmy attempted a romantic proposal in ENGAGEMENT STORY.
  3. Ever wanted to know about Omaha and all the beef and other things it has to offer?  Go to OMAHA INFO.
  4. Sometimes people frequently ask the same question about our wedding.  Save time with FAQ.
  5. Want to shower us with gifts?  Yeah you do.  REGISTRY will help you choose what we want.
  6. Confused on where and when the wedding is?  How to get there?  Check out CEREMONY & RECEPTION.
  7. Everyone likes a bed to sleep in after dancing the night away.  Find some great rates at HOTEL INFO.

Now stop all this welcome screen nonsense and start exploring!



Timmy and Megan