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1/365 – Good Morning
© 2011 Timmy Tamisiea. All rights reserved. You'd think it was a jewish wedding.

1/365 – Good Morning

You'd think it was a jewish wedding.

You’d think it was a jewish wedding.


After an outstanding wedding, being surrounded by people from every facet of our lives, we went to sleep on a ten month journey and waited for the morning to come . . .

I don’t care who you are.  I don’t care what your background is.  Maybe you were raised by robots, or a member of the Science Academy on Vulcan – but no matter what kind of emotionless life you led, the day after your wedding, you can not pull yourself away from the cliches that inhabit movies and TV and life in general.  The second I opened my eyes, I greeted my bride with a “Good morning, wife.”   Like one of those awful local radio spots where the announcer finds at least 46 opportunities in 30 seconds to say the name of the sponsor, I found ways all day to insert the word “wife” in to my vernacular.

I thought to myslef that after living with her for over a year and having dated her for over 5, marriage was a formality.  Nah, I’m telling you – it feel different and it is different.  I think this Craked.com arrtical said it all: http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-surprising-upsides-to-getting-married/  Really, while there’s really only the difference of weight on my ring finger (Man, tungston is heave – cheap but heavy.  My ring finger’s gonna be so huge in a year!)  I can’t put my finger on it – well all my fingers BUT my ring finger – but I feel more adult than I have in the pat 18 years.  My hope is that this blog can help me understand the ways of marriage as well as document the 1st year of the rest of my – OUR – life.  There’s a difference – using the OUR for everything.


This god damn ghost crashed the wedding and drank all the free booze. Stupid cereal seasonal hauntings.

We awoke and crept to my mom’s for gift opening.  Here’s the highlights:

— Brothers’ gifts consisted of a huge box containing the following: 1 box of Count Chocula Cereal, 1 box of Boo Berry Cereal, 1 box of  Frankenberry Cereal, 1 Justin Beiber DVD, 1 package of WWE trading cards (I got the Undertaker!), 1 package of some girly unicorn trading cards (Megan got the Undertaker!), 1 People Magazine with Casey Anthony, 1 outdoor cooking set and the game of Clue.

— Awkward mments opening cards filled with cash and checks and having to whisper to my parents the amounts.  I hate doing that.  We should have opened them alone.  It was like a weird silent auction.

— Opening a gift from Bob Navoa, a friend of the family, with another box of Count Chocula and another box of Frankenberry.



Why yes, Megan, I’ll watch a movie with you.

Finally, as the night came upon us, we rented the movie Cedar Rapids from a Red Box (surprisingly efficient way of renting movies – had never done it before) and just chilled on the hotel couch.


We’re married.  Finally.  Good night.



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