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2/365 -Post Partum

It’s easy for her, she’s got years of social climbing to tackle.


Yesterday, when Megan and I walked out of The Element Hotel, we saw our great Friday Night Bytes Friends waiting to go home to Chicago.  When I saw them leaving, it hit me.  This thing.  This arduous, wonderful, painful, time consuming, beautiful, sleep stealing monster has been laid to rest – slayed only to be awaken by some new foolish couple.  And I got a twinge of sadness.  It’s that feeling after you’ve accomplished something so big that anything after seems like peanuts.  Like doing side missions after beating the final mission in a video game . . . no?  Not getting the reference?  It’s like reading the final issue of a comic book after a 10 year run?  Still nothing?  Okay, it’s like getting fucking married after months of hard work without a stupid wedding planner.  BETTER?!

Now, today, its starting to hit harder.  Megan and I went back to mom’s, had a burger with the extended family at Dinkles and are heading back to Chicago.  It’s sad.  Maybe its the fact that people won’t be clamouring over us anymore.  Maybe its the fact that we feel like there isn’t anything higher than this (we know there is, but its hard to see it.)  In anycase, it is an awfully weird feeling.

But, in the process of leaving, I was given two pearls of wisdom by the all mighty Grandma Buchan:

Tip #1: When she’s mad at you, let her talk, wait till she’s done and then say, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that. Now I know.”

Tip #2: If you get in a disagreement, it’s okay to disagree. Just don’t disagree too loudly.


Also, don’t be such an ass-hole.


We head back on a plane at 6:50pm.  I still feel like a new adult, but one who now needs a new adult project – and no, not a baby.  That’s an adult death wish.  At least for now.

Yeah, point that imaginary gun at your head – that’ll solve everything.






  1. Tammer the Hammer
    Posted 7 Nov ’11 at 11:00 pm | Permalink

    I felt the same way that day? Not in the sense that I was planning a wedding for such a long time and “poof” it was over, but more because you were moving on to a new life. Don’t get me wrong. I am so super happy for you both but I had a hint of sadness that day. My big brother is going down a new road, starting a new life, with my new sister-in-law, and time has flown by. No longer am I that wild haired hyper child and no longer are you that skinny D&D camp councilor. I can’t put into words on how I feel exactly but philosophically, maybe, I can explain it better. – Its as if we, all our brothers, have been holding each others hands through life: the funny times, sad times, the weird times, and life changing moments. But now that we, especially you, have someone new and very important in our lives (Megan) we as a brothers need loosen our grips a little more so you can have a stronger hand for Megan.

  2. Posted 25 Oct ’11 at 2:00 am | Permalink

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