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12/365 – Back to the Grind




Woke up and realized the honeymoon is over.  Oh, Megan and I are fine – great, in fact!

What I mean is, literally, the Honeymoon is over.  The wedding is over.  The engagement is over.  The planning is over.  Everything is over.  And everything we’ve neglected over the past 10 months (especially the last 2) has been waiting for us like rabid dog with too much love to give.  Essentially, we need to get the apartment cleaned, get our jobs back in order, find a new job for me and finish all these unfinished projects that we caged up for so long.  Planning and executing a wedding/honeymoon makes you put everything else on hold.  If all the tasks, jobs, projects, relationships, social networking and laundry were your kids, then Megan and I would be in the hands of Chicago Department of Family Support & Services.  So, the next few blog entries will be short.  It’s time to clean, put away all the wedding gifts and get back to some sense of normalcy.  Megan’s at work and I have work tonight as well.  See you tomorrow.

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