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14/365 – Pumpkins in the Park
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14/365 – Pumpkins in the Park

Pumpkins in the Park

What is Pumpkins in the Park, you ask.  Why, good sir and/or madame, it’s Chicago’s Halloween themed 5k run in Lincoln Park.  The last and only time Megan and I participated in a 5k was the Shamrock Shuffle in 2009.  There was a blizzard that day, Megan didn’t wear the appropriate footwear or clothing and quickly became a grumpy gus.  That day was Megan and I’s first real bad fight.

Shamrock Shuffle 2009. Megan looks happy but the blizzard in the background is a metaphor for the emotional storm to come.

She wanted to get home immediately after the run. (She walked it with our friend Natalie Sullivan and I ran part of it.)  I can’t remember what I said to her – it may have been about slowing down to the train and probably about going to the drink tent – but she basically told me to go fuck myself.  My retort, I announced I would not speak to her for the next hour.  So we sat silently stewing in our own hatred for each other while poor Natalie sat on the train fruitlessly trying to start conversations.


Actually, it’s an unbelievable day.  Sunny with just a hint of fall crispness.  I feel good.  I feel real good.  Here’s the route:


~~ cut to after the race ~~

I have never ran in an official race.  When I lived in New York City, I ran 5 miles everyday, but never did a fun run.  Now I’m asking myself why?  After actually running this whole race I feel exile rated.  How awesome was that?  My official results!

OVERALL PLACE                        439 of 1681

DIVISION PLACE (M 35-39)    276 of 614

TOTAL TIME                                28:00

PACE                                               9:01

As I turned the corner on Mile 3 with .1 miles to go I found Matt Spitzen cheering me on!  I sprinted for the finish line.  For a guy who never runs, this felt real good.  Never understood the idea of drinking a beer after a run, but man that 312 tasted good.

Matt and I waited by a bench for Megan and Rachel Keller and they came flying buy — they were running!  It was a pretty good day.

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