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15/365 – Pumpkins in my Legs

Oh God all mighty!  Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  Allah!  Zeus!  Guy downtown who yells prophecies in front of Old Navy!

Tonight is the premiere of AMCs The Walking Dead and I’m all set fort – literally.  I’m walking like the living dead, limping around and walking like  gimp because of the fun run yesterday.  It feels like someone tool a giant clamp and played havoc on my thighs when I was asleep.  I have run plenty of times, but for some reason, this is killing me.  I can barely walk.

Zombies are just amateur runner who should have stayed home.

Maybe its the fact that the adrenaline form yesterday’s run gave me a faster pace that I’m paying for today.  Maybe I’m just getting older.  I don’t know.  But Megan and I have to finish the gift unpacking today and I feel like jelly.  Ugh.  And she’s being so nice, letting me rest.  But I just want to get this stuff done so we can watch The walking Dead in peace.

We’re all set for a grad viewing . . . Megan and I walked (I limped) to Walgreens and bought gummy body parts and chips and chef mix (because in the Zombie apocalypse, Chips and Chex Mix are the bomb!) and are ready for guest to enjoy the show.

So salty. Se sweet. So bloody.


Where are the guests?

The only guest to show is James Thompson – fellow Walking Dead aficionado and true friend.  So, James, Megan and I award you all these awards for being the sole attendee at our Walking Dead premiere.

1) Best Dressed

2) Best Zombie Look

3) Best Eater of gummy body parts

4) Best Time

5) Most Graphic Novel References in 90 Minutes

6) Best Female Vocalist

7) Best Screenplay

8) Best Leap of Faith

9) Best Couch Position

10) Best Exit

11) Best Best


He didn’t get all the awards.  I got best Zombie Impersonation because I still can’t walk.

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