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16/365 – Na na na na na na na na CATCH UP!


Okay.  I’ve come to a conclusion about blogging.  Not everyday will be filled with prolific insights and enlightening satire.  No.  Some days I will have nothing to write about.  Today is somewhat like that.  I have lots to write, but, again, I’m playing catch up form the honeymoon.  I have 10 posts to finish in the next 8 hours.  So, I don’t really have much to say about today.  Not much at all.  Well, 2 things.

Who Bat-farted?

1) The new Batman game comes out tonight at midnight and I’m all paid up.  Midnight nerd-fest at the local Gamestop.  Megan is so proud.  Really.  Have you ever been to Gamestop for a midnight release of a game.  Let me give you the 5 senses breakdown.  SMELL – BO and grandma’s basement.  SIGHT – overweight, middle aged men and at least 1 semi-hot woman from the game company handing out freebies.  SOUND – Aspergers like conversations.  TOUCH – sticky.  TASTE – desperation.

Can’t wait for Batman: Arkham City.

2) My wife is amazing.  I woke up feeling crappy and she brought me water, Advil and stayed with me for a few minutes giving me “scratchy-scratchy.”  What is that.  Keep reading posts, buddy.  You’ll see . . . and get your mind out of the gutter.  It’s not like that.


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  1. Posted 27 Oct ’11 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    Hi Timmy,
    I was mulling over the idea of starting a blog of my own, you know mostly about FRPG’s and OTPHJ’s. Then I found your +2 blog and now it seems so clear! I think I will start a blog titled: “My comments at meganandtimmy” it will chronicle the comments I make on your blog. This way I just have to respond to something instead of being creative on my own (like Hollywood i.e. the new Footloose) My Grandma was in Alexander Paynes movie Election with Chris Klein who was in Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds who was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Hugh Jackman who was in X-Men: First Class with Kevin Bacon!!!

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