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24/365 – Treevenge!


Today’s been one of those days.  Not the one where you wake up and your son is outside playing and when you get the paper you realize that everyone else is looking at the LA skyline and then you do and there’s a huge alien spaceship on the horizon and then you realize your Will Smith.  NO, not one of those days.

It hasn’t even been one of those days where everything bad happens and you realize that you are Job.  Nope.

It’s just been a blah day.  There were two notable events today.


1 – My friend Lee Taylor was in town interviewing for a job at UIC.  After work, I met up with him and the incoragable Matt Van Moorlegham.  Two beers and I felt pretty buzzed.  Weird.  In fact, while Matt and I were waiting for the train I just felt goofy.  Like an 8 year old.


2 – And, I can say that I had to edit my post from yesterday because I finally crossed the privacy line by writing something that wasn’t meant to be written. WHOOPS.  You’d never know what it was with the new edit, but I can say that I may include it later.  It sparked an argument between Megan and I – a pointless misunderstanding – but its gone.  A candy bar to the reader who can give me the best story about what they think it was about . . .

Other than that, it’s one of this video sharing days:

So, here you go.  Shared by my co-worker Rob.  Enjoy the revenge from the trees . . . TREEVENGE!


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