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26/365 – Long Day’s Journey Into Night
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26/365 – Long Day’s Journey Into Night

I decided to take a on two shifts at the screenwriting center today.  So I’ve got 14 hours to think about what I want to write today.  I was planning on giving a response to the day every half hour.  There’s something about having too much time that makes you lazy . . . I wish Batman was here.  Not the real Batman, the game.  Ugh!  However, I’ve got to talk about something and I’m afraid what I’m about to talk about is going to be a major anti-climatc post after yesterdays . . . because, I have an urge to talk about yesterday more than today.

The one great fear that plagues most creatives is that of sharing your work.  It’s a hard line to cross from obscurity to public knowledge.  Especially if you work independently.  You will work yourself raw creating something which has a purpose of exhibition.  Still, many times, you won’t show it.  That’s the enigma of creatives.  Their job is to share what they create and, yet, many times, their work never gets seen.  I admit, many times, it’s because the work never gets completed and you keep changing your mind about it.  There’s a saying in the film business, “Films don’t get finished, they get abandoned.”

This movie was abandoned 47 times.

Writing this blog started out as an exercise in discipline.  I wanted to have a reason to write everyday.  I have yet to find a teacher who dsoen’t say, “write everyday.”  Many times they want you to free-write when you wake in the morning.  I can’t do that.  I can’t even remember my dreams much less hole a pen.  I have to spend my mornings wiping off the night’s drool and then catching up with my ladies from The 4th hour of The Today Show.  Heyyyyy!

Girlfriend! Let's get drunk at 11am, girlfriend!

Nope.  I need a goal when I write.  A product with a purpose.  This blog gives me a daily goal.  If I choose a topic and go with it, I usually can crank out something.  And since it’s a wedding/life blog, I can write about nothing.  If anything, my ultimate goal was to have a record that Megan and I could look to for a bit of nostalgia.  Maybe we’d show it to our kids.  (No, mom, she’s not pregnant yet.)  But that feeling that it needs to be “out there” is a bold one and one that is hard to shake.

Don't get mad at daddy because I called you an accident in the blog. Daddy has a lot of accidents. Get in line.

So, posting day 25/365 on Facebook felt risky.  Not only was I putting some of my “shit” out there, but deeply personal shit at that.  (But then again, every time I take a shit, it’s deeply personal.)  Within minutes, the feedback was overwhelming.   I hope that this will help me raise the bar and continue to write decent post.  This is a wedding blog, but as Megan and I knew far before we got married, not everyday is about “us”.  I’ll write about what I can and somedays it will be trash, others brief and still, other days, it will be like day 25/365.  Sometimes funny.  Sometimes poignet.  Sometimes, well, like that deeply personal moment I had on the toilet this morning. (Beer poopies are grody to the max.)

Yes, this is where daddy's dreams went . . . so get in!

It’s may be a cop out, this post, but I needed to say it; thanks to everyone who’s been reading.  Keep reading.

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