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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska | Page 2

Monthly Archives: October 2011

It took me 34 hours to Photoshop out all the junk peddlers from this photo . . . and another 54 to Photoshop out Megan's Caribbean braids.

10/365 – Playa Taco Grande

Playa Taco Grande Remember The Buckle?  Come on!  I know you probably still shop there if you live near any ancient mall in the midwest or New Jersey.  The BUCKLE!  A popular clothing store in the early 90s.  I’m using popular in the sense that […]

Wanna wrestle?  HORSE wrestle!

9/365 – Horses! Poverty! Fun!

HORSES!  POVERTY!  FUN! I wouldn’t say I’m a horse person.  I rode them frequently when I was a kid.  I became somewhat cautious of them when my brother Chris came home screaming when one bit him in the neck.  Dated a “horse girl” in college […]


8/365 – Filepe and Carlos

Filepe y Carlos   Filepe and Carlos (our in resort butlers, servers, drivers, etc . . . ) decided to drive us to the famous (Dominican famous) Monkey Jungle.  I’m not sure if we’re going because they have squirrel monkeys we can play with and […]

For some, this is a nightmare.  For me, awesome.

7/365 – White Slavery

WHITE SLAVERY 8:30am . . . ish.  Megan and I sit in an old 1990s Subaru 4WD, SUV.  Our driver, Felix; owner and operator of a local tourism adventure company . . . snorkeling, scuba, fishing, jeep tours . . . Megan describes him as […]

Yeah, honey, you keep fighting the ocean.  I'm going to drink the pina colata Carlos walked miles in the sun to make with fresh coconuts he harvested himself and alcohol he's been fermenting in the village down the street.

6/365 – All By Our Lonesomes

ALL BY OUR LONESOMES An old friend and college teacher was helping me recover from a nasty fever and cold before a big audition.  I kept telling her that I didn’t need to be waited on.  She replied, “Sometimes you need to let go and […]

Rafael and Carlos!

5/365 – Honeymoon!

HONEYMOON! We did it.  We’re in the Dominican Republic on our Honeymoon (sponsored by Groupon).  After bring picked up late by a limo service (does a BMW SUV count as a limo?) that smelled like poopy diapers (does a poopy BMW SUV count as a […]

Everyone looks like this in the Caribbean, right?

4/365 – Travel Advisory

  TRAVEL ADVISORY Today, Megan and I got in our first married couple fight.  In wouldn’t even call it a fight – I mean I just fell down some stairs . . . really . . . <sniffle> . . . she loves me, I […]

This barcode was just asking to be scanned.  I mean, look at the way it's dressed!

3/365 – Gifts

GIFTS Oh, man.  Our living room looks like the Bed Bath & Beyond monster has a bad case of diarrhea.  So many presents.  So many purple ribbons thrown about like pices of royal toilet paper.  I mean, I’m grateful, but there’s SO MANY PRESENTS.  And […]

Yeah, point that imaginary gun at your head - that's solve everything.

2/365 -Post Partum

POST PARTUM Yesterday, when Megan and I walked out of The Element Hotel, we saw our great Friday Night Bytes Friends waiting to go home to Chicago.  When I saw them leaving, it hit me.  This thing.  This arduous, wonderful, painful, time consuming, beautiful, sleep […]

You'd think it was a jewish wedding.

1/365 – Good Morning

GOOD MORNING After an outstanding wedding, being surrounded by people from every facet of our lives, we went to sleep on a ten month journey and waited for the morning to come . . . I don’t care who you are.  I don’t care what […]