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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska

Monthly Archives: November 2011

What happened to the good ol' days when a girl could walk down the street without being jumped by The Avengers?

60/365 – My Wife, The Doll.

Listen, folks.  Who in their right mind would NOT want their wife to appear in various forms?  I don’t mean having the power of transfiguration.  Leave that shit to Prof. McGonnigall.  I’m not worried about Megan turning into an animal.  Anyone who knows her knows […]


59/365 – For Crying Out Loud

Want to hear something familiar? I’m on 2 hours of sleep. I don’t know what happened.  I took my own advice, skipped the video games and went to bed at 11:30 – that’s great for me.  And I could not get to sleep.  Now I’m […]


58/365 – Timmy’s Ti-Ti

A large portion of my recent posts have included phrases like, “I’m tired”, “Didn’t sleep last night”, “So tired” and “Killed a hooker” . . . . wait.  Rewind.  Delete that last phrase.  What I’m saying is that I’m just not getting enough sleep.  It’s […]

Still Not Ugly

56/356 – Still Not Ugly

This post was titled by my Second City Co-Worker Carrie.  I asked her to pick a number, 1 through 365, and give me a post title.  She picked 56 and “Still Not Ugly.”  So, in the spirit of letting others do my job, Patrick Tamisiea will […]

We need to start handing these out at the door.

55/365 – 5 Reasons Why Black Friday Is A Sign That Humanity is DOOMED.

Black Friday has become a part of the American vernacular.  It’s permeated into the very fabric of our social calendar.  Now, it’s level footing with Christmas, mom’s birthday and the anniversary of when you lost your virginity.  For retailers, the Christmas season starts on December […]



Well, again, I was up till about 4am.  I’m tired and there’s work to do.  But, TODAY IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF OUR ENGAGMENT.  So, instead of writing a whole new post, please enjoy this post from the original wedding website: our engagement story: From Bob […]


53/365 – E.T., Gall Home! (Part 4 of 4)

Let’s say a prayer. Please God, or Allah, or Kermit the Frog – whoever wants to hear me out.  Can Megan come home today?  I think she’s been in the hospital 1.5 days too long.  Please let the doctor have some consideration for his patent […]


52/365 – Jacob’s Bladder (Part 3 of 4)

It’s Tuesday morning.  Megan’s in the hospital.  I’m at home.  I slept about 4 hours.  Maybe 5.  Again.  And now it’s time to jet back to the hospital for Megan’s big day!  Surgery day!  Woo Hoo! Megan’s Surgery Day! Everyone celebrates . . . actually, […]


51/365 – Legends of the Gall – (Part 2 of 4)

Hey gang!  It’s Monday!  I’ve probably slept no more than 5 hours.  Been sleeping less and less the past two weeks – 3 jobs, school, this blog and now a sick wife in the hospital will do that to you.  Or you can just start […]

Stone Tablets.  iPad.  Potato.  Potato.

50/365 – Ghost in the Machine / Gall and Oats (Part 1 of 4)

It’s probably no big surprise that I don’t write these posts the same day as the date.  I usually write them a 1-3 days after the day indicated.  I will write notes in a small pocket notebook indicating what i want to write about or […]


49/365 – Turkey Trott

Megan has been instrumental in cheerleading me to better shape.  I made a promise to myself last February thatI;d loose weight and eat more health.  And I have.  Back then I was around 200lbs and eating poorly.  I’ve given up soda for way over a […]


48/365 – Pixel

It’s been one of those days.  Worked a long shift at North Face.  Haven’t had quality time with Megan in weeks.  When I get home, she’s asleep and I turn to my other mistress; Skyrim.  Which, whenever I am playing the game, Patrick sends me […]

No joke here.  Truth is funnier than fiction.

47/356 – Spel Chek

It has been brought to my attention that I am an awful speller.  My fellow graduate student, Andy, has brought this to my attention while reading my blog.  My fellow co-worker, Angelica, has brought this to my attention while reading my blog.  This malfunction in […]

We will miss you, Hammer.

46/356 – Tammer the Hammer! Part 3. Best Brother

To read Part 2, Click Here. What’s better than Tammer the Hammer?  How about Tammer the Hammer playing Tammer the Hammer on stage . . . and blatantly making fun of the image he’s become. Criso shortening and Axe Body Spray present the conclusion of: […]

Her hand is saying, "Hi!" but her eyes are saying, "Hi." . . . She's also holding a knife.

45/365 – Just Say Hello

There’s a lot of bad behavior in this city that chaps my ass.  In fact, I’ll give you the top 5 in a post next week.  However, tonight, some pretty poor Chicago behavior just landed smack dab in my face.  Again.  At Columbia, an aquaintence […]


44/365 – Introducing Mrs. Megan Leigh Tamisiea

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that the custom of a woman’s obligation to change her last name upon nuptials was pretty ridiculous.  If a lady wants to keep her last name, more power to her.  I mean, some of us have trouble parting […]

The original name of her blog was Insolent Root Vegetable which attracted a completely different kind of reader.

43/365 – Sassy Radish!

Web-denziens posting pictures of food on their blogs and Facebook profiles isn’t new, but it is definitely growing in popularity.  I, personally, find it annoying.  I really do not want to see some poorly taken iPhone photo of the Dim Sum you purchased at some […]

No!  Don't tell me your suggestion . . . think me your suggestion.

42/465 – Respect for Improv

I understand that, sometimes, there’s nothing worse than a bad improv show.  Who wants to sit through a 45 minutes performance where the ensemble is fighting an uphill battle?  Where that hill is basically a Slip ‘N Slide and there’s no chance in hell they’re […]

Vaud and the Villains-El Rey

41/365 – Vaud and the Villains

http://www.vaudandthevillains.com/ Listen.  I don’t have a lot to say about today.  I went to a Pitching seminar led by a prominent Hollywood writer/producer.  I had dinner with Casey Caniglia, one of my brother Chris’ friends.  What ever. It was fun.  Megan’s mom came into town […]


40/365 – A Hard Day’s Night

As my grad school career starts leaning towards a finishing point, I’m forced to busy myself with extra employment in order to have some equal footing in the bill/rent department of the household.  As a result, I am finding it increasingly difficult to spend any […]