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32/365 – North Face

Megan’s the breadwinner in this relationship.  It’s not a slam on me, it’s the truth.  She’s got a great job with benefits while this guy is a student trying to find any job he can that will pay the bills.

BUT, today, I finally, after two months of searching, found a part time job.  Yes, it’s seasonal.  Yes, it’s retail.  No, it’s not Baby Gap – although they did give me a call back.

Sure, we have clothes for your baby. We have a special on face masks.

Seriously.  I applied everywhere – well, not everywhere.  I applied places where at least I liked the product.  So where did I get a job:


It’s their flagship store, so, man, it’s gonna be nuts.  I’m really excited though.  It’s not a high paying job, but at least its something.  Something to celebrate.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and now I can finally afford electricity and all it costs to play video games.

I requested to be at the cash register or stock.  I’m not a salesman.  I can do it and do it fine.  But I’m so much more comfortable with customers approaching me with specific questions than me trying to get out of them their shopping needs.  I’m afraid I’ll be like this guy:

Or maybe even this guy:

Or, god forbid, when someone asks me about the new Denali Fleece Jackets I respond like this:

At the end of the day, when I’m done selling awesome outdoor gear to masses of Chicago tourists, I’ll come home to Megan and do this:

Happy November!

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