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33/365 – Kinect! 60D! Family! Sad on Vacation!

Again – things have gotten mucho busy.  Megan and I are having our first marital family guests.  Meaning, we’re married and we’re having my dad and bother sean over for the weekend.  So much to do.  They arrive tomorrow so I gotta catch up with the blog.

PLUE, I got home from work tonight and found two awesome pieces of technology I had ordered.  A Cannon 60D camera with two lenses and a xBox Kinect.  Yes, a Kinect I got for 70 bones on eBay.

So, my apologies, I have REALLY important things to do – like flailing my arms about like a raving lunatic.

But, I can give you Thursday Video Time (TVT).  Saw these guys at The Chicago Sketchfest a few years back and I love this video.


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