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40/365 – A Hard Day’s Night
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40/365 – A Hard Day’s Night

As my grad school career starts leaning towards a finishing point, I’m forced to busy myself with extra employment in order to have some equal footing in the bill/rent department of the household.  As a result, I am finding it increasingly difficult to spend any quality time with Megan.  Between my four jobs (Columbia College, Second City, The North Face and an occasional improv show with Mission Improvable) and my thesis and even this blog, my time is limited.  This week has been the worst, working a bunch of 14 hour days to make up for time lost during the wedding/honeymoon.

Today was one of those days.  Got up at 6:45am, started work at 8am at Columbia and went straight till 10pm.

So, I thought I’d give Megan (and, by default, you readers) a taste of my day, half hour by half hour, so it feels like she’s right there with me.  Seriously, I’m so gad-damn generous.

And so, Columbia College Chicago (Art School for EVERYONE!), The Beatles (Where musicians come together) and Jack Kennedy’s Bladder Control Pills (The only thing we have to fear is peeing ourselves.) brings you.

A Day At The Screenwriting Center:

8:00am —

Arrived and unlocked the classroom doors.  By the time I get to the final room, room 302, a teacher is waiting.  It;s barely 8am.  I ask, “How are you doing?”  He answers, “Waiting.”  All right ass hole, I asked, HOW are you doing.  You’re teaching a musical film theory class, get over yourself.

8:30am —

My co-worker asks how I keep up with current events.  “I don’t know – CNN.”   Two minutes later she asks, “What’s gop?”  “Gop?”  “Yeah, gop.” . . . . . . . “You mean the G.O.P.?  It’s the republican national party.”  Youth.

Hey Tim? Whats dink?

9:00am —

Reading article on the Web about Joe Paterno being fired for covering up the sex abuse at Penn State and how student’s protested this decision.  I post on Facebook: “This makes me sick. Good riddance to Joe Paterno. I hope Nebraska obliterates Penn State this weekend.”  Hell just froze over.

9:30am —

My coworker just asked me what a good price is on a used car.  I don’t own a car.  Kelly Blue Book it, girl!

Or just ask this guy – Mr. Kelly Bleu Booke.

10:00am —

One of my brother’s moron friends defends Joe Paterno on my Facebook post.  Bad mistake.  Really bad mistake.

10:30am —

My academic advisor comes in to the office.  She’s having a day for good reason.  I can only listen.

11:00am –

My academic advisor brings me a leaflet left under her office door.  It’s asking for a director for a film project.  Reads like stereo instructions trying to be Walt Whitman written by a small town copy-writer.  I read it aloud.  My advisor laughed.  Hope that helped.

With Liberty Mutual you can write poems and get your diabetes supplies for free!

11:30am —

Fellow grad student comes in for a computer.  We discuss the inherent and far spread corruption in college athletics inevitably leading to Laurence Phillip from Nebraska’s 1995 team.  He scaled the side of an apartment building, broke into a third floor apartment of a fellow player, went into the bathroom where and found a girl, smashed her head against the sink and dragged her down 3 flights of stairs . . . and he was slapped on the wrist for it, missed  few games – that was it.  Went on to play in the NFL.  We all know that if an English student had done that, he wouldn’t be an English major anymore.

12:00pm —

Teacher comes in to check out an adapter.  He wants both types because he don’t know which computer he has.  He can barely talk – really scattered and weird.  Made me wonder what his class lectures were like.   Probably like listening a oscillating fan do an economics lecture.

The laaaaawwwwww . . . . offffff . . . suuuuupply . . . . and . . . . demaaaaand . . . snore.

12:30pm —

Just spent 25 minutes looking through my photos for a picture of my futon for a previous post.  I wish I had that kind of dedication fro getting my film done.

1:00pm —

On the way to grab lunch, spoke to my Mom about the wedding to reassure her that we were grateful – realized we hadn’t spoken to her since.  Bad son and daughter-in-law.  Bad.

1:30pm —

Damn-it!  Spent way too much money AGAIN at The Bongo Room for eggs and sausage.  15.00 meal.  DAMN-IT!

2:00pm —

All I wrote in my notebook where I’m keeping track of this is, “I don’t like him!  Why?”  I think I’m may be referring to the uppity professor who tends to speak down to me – like the time I asked him to repeat his ID number  because I couldn’t hear him over another conversation and he slowed it down like I was a retard.  I have no problem pointing that bad behavior out.  And I did.  Or I’m referring to Joe Paterno.  He’s a catch all for most of my hatred this week.

2:30pm —

Stared at the wall.

3:00pm —

Was asked by my co-worker Jef to make a poster on Photoshop for a teacher’s class next semester.  He assumes that because I’ve been tracking myself Photoshop form a book that I’m capable.  So here I go.  This will end badly.

3:30pm —

Thavary, my fellow grad student who also works in the main film office on this floor, just came in saying a teacher is complaint that the clock in his classroom is incorrect.  When I enter the room, it’s the same teacher I complained about on the 2:00 update.  Ugh.  I’m so tired and not willing to deal with his BS that I keep getting the time wrong and he keeps pointing it out.  even when its a couple minutes off, sassy pants has to complain.  I finally turn around and boldly state that I’ve works 3 14 hour shoots inn a row, so I’m little off.  He shuts up.

4:00pm —

Facebook chat with Janine McClintock – our wedding photographer.  She’s great and informs me that Megan and I’s wedding will be featured in a wedding magazine.  Weeeeeeee!  Great news.

4:30pm —

Finished Photoshop poster for Micro-Budgeting class.  It looks like this:

I’m like a 5 year old with computer skills. Yeah!

5:00pm —

Two new workers come in to do my 2nd shift with me.  I like them.  They’re fun.  And we make fun of people we don’t like.  For good reason.

5:30pm —

Check on my online order from The North Face.  Excited for my first real winter coat since I was 12.

The blizzard of 2011. You can’t see me but I’m wearing a tube top and cut off jeans. So warm.

6:00pm —

Have no recollection of what happened in this half hour.  I think I watched some girl peruse the screenwriting library for an hour.  Tired.  Things getting fuzzy.

6:30pm —

Killed a bunny and ate it raw . . . no, I think I just read Superherohype.com.

7:00pm —

Ordered Chinese food.  Hot and Sour Soup and Kung Pow Chicken.  POW!

7:30pm —

Waited for Chinese food.  Hot and Sour Soup and Kung Pow Chicken.  POW!

8:00pm —

Ate Chinese food.  Hot and Sour Soup and Kung Pow Chicken.  POW!

8:30pm —

Facebook chat with Dan Chebenowski.  The star of my thesis film.  He wants to know if I’m going to Gamestop for the midnight release of Skyrim, the sequel to Oblivion.  I, sadly, am not.  He writes,”dude you do what any self respecting nerd is gonna do in an hour you wait outside Gamestop in full blown knight regalia that you spent your entire life savings on just for moments like these and you get that game.”  That game will ruin my marriage.

My divorce lawyer.

(UPDATE from SATURDAY.  I bought Skyrim last night.  Marriage official on hiatus.)

9:00pm —

Professor came in with a computer problem.  Which was no problem.  He needs a basic computer course.  Last time he said the laptop wouldn’t open.  He couldn’t find the open button.  He didn’t think to lift the laptop open.  This time he said the screen was black when he played the DVD.  He never pressed play.  He has a masters.  I will too.  I’m lucky.

9:30pm —

Trying to figure out what Timbuk2 bag I want to get with the gift certificate Megan gave me for my birthday.  This:


Or this (not the colors):


10:00pm —

Heading to a concert.  So tired, but my friend’s band Vaud and The Villains.  Awesome!  Check them out: http://www.vaudandthevillains.com/


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