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41/365 – Vaud and the Villains


Listen.  I don’t have a lot to say about today.  I went to a Pitching seminar led by a prominent Hollywood writer/producer.  I had dinner with Casey Caniglia, one of my brother Chris’ friends.  What ever. It was fun.  Megan’s mom came into town tonight.

Here’s the thing.  Last night I went to see my old college friend, Arsine DeLay, sing in her band, Vaud and the Villains.  IT . . . WAS . . . UNBELIEVABLE.  It was one of the moments when I really wished Megan was there with me.  The music was soooooo fun.  New Orleans big band sound.  Wow.  So impressed.  Patrick had suggested that we use them for the wedding – but I hadn’t heard them and Megan and I had already booked Pam and the Pearls.  NOw, Pam and the Pearls were so much fun, but it was hard not to think how great Vaud and the Villians would had been.

In any case – this post is to promote this fantastic band.

If there’re in your town, SEE THEM.

If you can buy their CD, BUY IT!

If you can name your first born child Vaud, NAME HIM/HER THAT!

If you can name your second child, And The Villains, NAME HIM/HER THAT!

Just do it!


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