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45/365 – Just Say Hello
© 2011 Timmy Tamisiea. All rights reserved. Her hand is saying, "Hi!" but her eyes are saying, "Hi." . . . She's also holding a knife.

45/365 – Just Say Hello

There’s a lot of bad behavior in this city that chaps my ass.  In fact, I’ll give you the top 5 in a post next week.  However, tonight, some pretty poor Chicago behavior just landed smack dab in my face.  Again.  At Columbia, an aquaintence passed me in the hall ten minutes ago and I said, “Hey.”  And him?  Kept walking.  Again.  Like everytime I say “hi” to him.  And that, readers, PISSES ME OFF!

At least his guy has the 3 legitimate reasons for ignoring me. 1) He’s soulful. 2) His hat is cooler than mine. 3) He’s black . . . Wait, what headphones?

If any behavior has been reinforced during my short stint in retail is the art of greeting people.  A simple hello goes a long way.  If someone needs help, they’ll ask.  You don’t always have to badger them to see if they need help finding a size xxxl.  I know that whenever I’ve participated in my right to capitalism, a simple hello goes a long way.  It shows that the employees know you’re there.  Likewise, it shows that they are there.  Even still, in a less formal situation, to ignore a hello is just balls out rude.

It mystifies me how some people can not return the simple greeting I present to them.  A nod.  A smile.  A slight head tilt.  Anything.  It’s just good manners to acknowledge someone when they say “hello” or “hi” or “what’s up?”   I know this may be a really lame topic for a wedding blog, but I’ve discussed this in detail with Megan and we’re both in agreement – if you have a problem with someone, then stop bing a passive agressive little crabby pants and say something.  If the person who is the object of your hatered is being polite to you, you owe it to them to a) say you don’t like them or b) suck it up and rise to their level – say “hi” back.

Her hand is saying, “Hi!” but her eyes are saying, “Hi.” . . . She’s also holding a knife.

There are two individuals in my life who have been doing this consistently.  One I’ve known for years.  The other is more of an casual acquaintance.  I won’t say their names, one works at The Second City training center and the other is a fellow Columbia grad student.  The Second City chap either can’t recognize my speech pattern or has something stuck so far up his ass it’s clogging his vocal cords.   The other gentleman from Columbia was the individual who prompted this post – as in, 10 minutes ago he ignored my hello again.

Well, assholes, I’m making a vow to all of my readers – all 3 or 4 of them – the next time I offer my heartfelt greeting to either of these individuals and they ignore it, I’m laying down the law.  It’s time to be confrontational.  If the guy from Second City ignores my attempt at being gracious, kind and polite, I’ll confront him and ask that if there’s ANYTHING that I did that has entered me into his top 10 list of people to ignore, I’d like to know.  I think he owes it to me so that I can wither apologize or wish him well on his kindergarden graduation.

They look nice, but ignore them, and dodge ball’s going be a lot more “ball” and a lot less “dodge.”

The Columbia gentleman, – well , he doesn’t know me all that well.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  If he ignore me again, I’ll stop him and say, “Hey (insert name here).  My name’s Timmy.  Just incase you forgot.  Just thought that info would help you so that when I say “hi” you can return the greeting.  Okay?  Have a nice day.”  By the way, that was dripping with sarcasm.

If any of these happen, be sure, it’ll end up here.

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