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60/365 – My Wife, The Doll.

Listen, folks.  Who in their right mind would NOT want their wife to appear in various forms?  I don’t mean having the power of transfiguration.  Leave that shit to Prof. McGonnigall.  I’m not worried about Megan turning into an animal.  Anyone who knows her knows that if Megan could become any animal, she’d be a cat.  Then I’d be left to clean up her litter box all day . . . although, it would be fun to shine a laser pointer at the wall and watch her go batshit crazy chasing it.  Anyway, what I’m getting at is that Megan was made into a doll.  No, I didn’t fashion together some strange sock puppet so that I could calm myself when Megan’s away.  Although I have made a puppets in the past:

This was Bosco. I made him for a Second City class on Character Development. I also use him as a substitute when Megan wants to cuddle and I’m playing video games. She doesn’t know the difference.
This was the soul puppet I made for a We Have Uncle Dick show. It may look sweet, but it did dirty, dirty things to Pat on stage.

However, the doll I am speaking of was made by a corporation whose market strategy was to gain an audience a little but larger than mine.  Watch the video  . . . at 37 seconds, Megan’s doll – Sierra – talks.  It’s her voice coming from a toy.  It’s weird.

Wait!  Who’s Jake?  And why are you referring to me as your “boyfriend”?  We made a vow, Megan.  We made a vow only two months ago.  My lord . . . and don’t fuck this up with Jake, either.  He has a motorcycle and is captain of the football team – he’s got hookups!

In anycase, yes, Megan’s voice is in a Huru Humi doll – some weird, twisted mash-up of social media, gossip, Tamagotchi and sass.  Here’s the poop: A few years ago, Megan got this voiceover job through her agent.  Not long after the session, she called to find out when the doll was coming out.  To her dismay, they said the project had been dropped.  She never thought of it again (like Jake).  Then, this past weekend, Megan, on a whim, decided to google the doll because she wanted to add the job to her acting resume.  Low and behold, they did produce the scary little things.  So, she hopped on Amazon and bought one.  Now, Sierra is sitting on the shelf next to my Marvel Mighty Muggs.

What happened to the good ol’ days when a girl could walk down the street without being jumped by The Avengers?

The whole point of the doll is that it’s supposed to interact with other Huru Humi dolls.  As well, if you say key words to it, it will react to you.  Well, it sometimes reacts to you.  I’m weirded out / facinated with the concept that Megan’s voice (or soul) is coming from a 2 inch plastic doll.  So, I’ve decided to run some social experiments. I want to see how much 2 inch plastic Megan compares to the 64 inch Megan.  I have to wait to report on these experiments as I have ordered a few Huru Humi dolls for Sierra (Megan) to interact with.

The experiments will go as follows:

1) The control: I will interact with Tall Megan.

2) I will interact with Mini Megan.

3) Two Huru Humi dolls will interact with Mini Megan (appropriately named Lindsey and Heidi – names of my cousin and one of Megan’s best friends, respectively.)

4) Tall Megan will interact with the real Lyndsay and Heidi.

5) The “blowing your mind” portion of the experiment: Tall Megan will interact with Mini Megan – WHAT!?

Once the two dolls have arrived, the experiment will begin.  Hold on to your pants, this is gonna be CRAZY . . .

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