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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska | Page 2

Monthly Archives: November 2011


39/365 – Ode to a Futon Mattress

In the post, Tacoma Narrows, I mentioned an old green futon mattress I just gave away.  Our friend, Matt Spitsen, just moved to Chicago and we wanted to give him anything we didn’t beed anymore so he could start out this new adventure fully stocked. […]

That tomato will never know more happiness as Tammer ends it's existence.

38/365 – Tammer the Hammer! Part 2. THE PARRY

To read Tammer the Hammer: Part 1, click here. When we last left Tammer the Hammer, he had made his digital mark on the Chicago scene with his MySpace page.  Can he live up to the hype . . . Muscle Milk and Billy Blanks […]

Tacoma Bridge

37/365 – Tacoma Narrows

Today is the anniversary of the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge in Washington!  Check it out: It reminds me of my lovely lady, Megan.  You know, how she wobbles around and  whenever a strong gust passes by. Nah.  I read that this was the […]

My temp recruiter.

36/365 – Things Not Easily Remembered

I had my first staff meeting at The North Face today.  It was basically just a big new hire meeting for signing documents.  And I’ll tell you, filling out job paperwork is more complicated than it used to be.  With the advent of smart phones, the dynamics […]

Baby, go get me some Ju-Ju-Bees and meet me in the the-a-ter.   Once I'm done whopping this kid, I'm gonna love you so hard, but not so hard I can't watch Steel Magnolias.

35/365 – How Rude!

Okay, I know many of you are waiting in anticipation for the next installment of Tammer the Hammer.  However, something happened tonight and I need to rant.  Since the topic of my rant is perfect for a blog about the first 365 days a marriage (seeing that the majority of my […]


34/365 – Tammer the Hammer! Part 1. SOCIAL POWER LIFTING

Guess who’s coming to Chicago?  I’ll give you a hint.  He’s got lots of muscles and his name starts with “T” and ends with “ammer the Hammer.”  Don’t know who that is?  It’s this guy: Who’s this guy.  It’s my youngest brother, Sean.  Yes, Sean, […]


33/365 – Kinect! 60D! Family! Sad on Vacation!

Again – things have gotten mucho busy.  Megan and I are having our first marital family guests.  Meaning, we’re married and we’re having my dad and bother sean over for the weekend.  So much to do.  They arrive tomorrow so I gotta catch up with […]


32/365 – North Face

Megan’s the breadwinner in this relationship.  It’s not a slam on me, it’s the truth.  She’s got a great job with benefits while this guy is a student trying to find any job he can that will pay the bills. BUT, today, I finally, after […]


31/365 – BELITTLE!

Megan knows that I’ve been working tirelessly to get my films done.  She’s played such a huge part in the process.  Still, every film I’ve made at Columbia is in some state of unfisnishedness.  It’s a word.  Look it up. So, over the past 6 […]