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61/365 – Inappropriate

Today, at work (Columbia for all 2 of you keeping track), my boss showed me and my co-worker, Rob, a really stunning piece of music video art.  Just facinating and sparkly . . .

No.  Not really.  It’s just mile high inappropriate.  Not for us, mind you, in the Screenwriting Center.  More so for many of you who may read this blog.  I just can’t help myself, however.  I have to share it.  I debated all day weather or not to share it with you.  I mean, it was featured on RollingStone.com.  It’s completely accessible through normal sources.  So, my decison is final.  I am sharing it with this warning:

Mom.  Dad.  All parents and the people I admire, trust and who have authority over me – you view this at your won risk . . . I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO.   I ONLY VIEWED IT.


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