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68/365 – My Wife The Doll: Test 1

If you haven’t read “My Wife The Doll” yet, do so now so you don’t think I’m crazy.

All right!  The Huru Humi dolls came in!  It’s time to test these bitches out!  Well, I mean, these young ladies.  Just a quick recap: Megan did the voiceover for a talking doll.  It finally came out.  I’m testing it to see how much like Megan it really is.

TEST 1: Physical Comparison

This is Megan Tamisiea:

Megan Tamisiea, in the flesh.


This is Huru Humi Megan:

Huru Humi is supposed to sound like, "Who you? Who me?" Dumb.


Well, there are some markedly significant differences between the two.

1) I can’t fit Megan in the palm of my hand.  I’ve tried, but it just looks weird and perverted.  So, mark one against Huru Humi.

2) Second, Megan doesn’t’t have orange hair.  Not that I know of.  Mark one against Humu Huri.

3) Megan would never put flowers in her hair.  I asked her if she would.  She said, “Maybe for a special occasion but never in on a day to dy basis.”  Well, fitting in the palm of my hand would count as a special occasions.  So, we’re going to mark that one for Huru Humi.

4) That green dress actually doesn’t look like something Megan would wear.  It has all the signatures of a Megan dress.  Except it’s really small.  Mark one for Humu Huri.

5) Birkenstocks.  Nope.  Gross. Mark one against Huru Humi.

6) I swear to God, if Megan bought a freaking dog, I’m going to be pissed.  I can barely feed myself.  Add a dog to the mix and we’re both eating Puppy Chow.  Mark one against Huru Humi.

7) Muru Humi has several hols in her torso.  Megan also has several holes in her torso from the gall bladder surgery.  Well done, Huru Humi.  Mark one for you.

8) Huru Humi has a screen for a face.  Sometimes Megan gives me a blank stare that reminds me of a blank screen – that’s when I have to read her emotions.  Tie on that one.

9) Oh, God.  I just did a quick check uunder Huru Humi Megan’s dress and this is what i found.  Send your children from the room.  This could be nauseating:

Oh lord. The horror.

Megan does NOT have a button under her dress.  One against Huru Humi!

With number 8 being a tie, the score is even.  Four for and against Huru Humi.  Interesting.  So we’re back at square one.  The next test will be a relationship test.  See how Huru Humi reacts to me and how Real Megan reacts to me.


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