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69/365 – The Worst/Best Acid Trip Ever

I was all ready to start the next stage of the Huru Humi test but with my parents in town and the entirely insane work schedule I have, this is not a weekend for blog posts.  Add on the Christmas Party that Megan and I are throwing and everything goes BOOM!  What do you want from me?  I’m no Martha Stewart.  Meaning I don’t have dozens of needy PAs I can berate when the spoon is put 2 millimeters from the right position in the “spoon cart.”

She's installed a "kill switch" in her left temple.   Kill as in kill others, not herself.

No, we gots lots to do and this is a long day for Timmy.  However, two of the people we invited to the party have both shown me weird YouTube videos that I think you’ll enjoy.  and with all the acid we’ll be passing out tomorrow and my parents getting super high, why not watch these in preparation?  We’re not really passing out acid . . . we’re selling it.  We gots bills to pay!

In any case – check it out.  One of these is the bad trip and one the good one.  First, a video shown to me by my co-worker Rob:



And then there’s a Drew Korb favorite . . .



Have a nice TRIP!

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