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70/365 – XMAS PARTY!

My mom and step-dad, Larry, are in town.  That’s right.  Megan’s new Mother-in-Law and Step-Father-In-Law are in town to celebrate the Holidays.  We’re having our first (and possibly last) Christmas Party in Chicago as a Married Couple!  I put those all in caps because it matters!  Weeee!  Excited.  But have to work this morning.  So, I’m trying to get this out of the way before the day really starts because I will not have time later.

 Well, now it’s later.  Much later and the party is about to start.  So. Here’s the only thing I’m going to write about.  Today.  At North Face.  My boss forgot to add me to the focus sheet – basically a piece of paper that tells you where you are working.  I usually work the 2nd floor in the men’s departments.  Usually meaning always.  But, today they really needed help in the women’s department.  So, I tried.  My best.  It was awful.  Where men usually want to know about the technologies, Women want to know two things: is it warm and is it cute.

Yes. That’s exactly what you think it is in there and whatever you think it is WILL make you pretty. Can I go now?

Top that with the fact that I don’t know the women’s products what-so-ever and anything I do know doesn’t help because I don’t know where anything is – well, I ended up being an awful salesman.   I just either helped stock or bring hangers back to the stock room or hid in a corner and tried to memorize the clothing in a 5 foot by 5 fooit area.  I’m 4000.00 from making my level one sales goal and I could have done it upstairs in this one day.  Today, in the women’s department, I was the worst salesman ever.  I just kept telling these poor forlorn women that I’d find someone to help them.  And when I could help, it was to help an associate already making a sale.  So I didn’t get anything.

 Anyway, the party is happening soon, so I give you this video in light of my bad salesmanship today.

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