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71/365 – Post Party
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71/365 – Post Party

Well, we had an unbelievable xmas party.  We had kids and adults.  We had vegetables and cookies.  We had screenwriting center folks, North Face folks, old friends, new friends, improvisors and my family.  There was a trivia contest and we had awesome prizes.  Not jokes but things like squirt guns, a North Face Hoodie, a scarf.  Want to see the trivia?  yeah you do.  Tell you what, post your answers in the comments below and if you win, I’ll send you the prizes that weren’t won.  But try and challenge yourself by not going to the internet . . . nerds.


*finish the test first and get a prize!


  1. In the movie Scrooged, what famous jazz musician is among the carolers that Bill Murray insults?
    1. Dizzy Gillespie
    2. Max Roach
    3. Miles Davis
    4. Mel Torme
  2. In Christmas Vacation, what holiday movie is Russ watching on TV when his grandparents first arrive at the house?
    1. Miracle on 34th St.
    2. A Christmas Carol
    3. The Bells of St. Mary’s
    4. It’s a Wonderful Life
  3. Who wrote the book that inspired Christmas with the Kranks?
    1. John Grisham
    2. Nora Ephron
    3. Michael Crichton
    4. Stephen King
  4. What fake name does Hans give John McClane when they first meet in person in Die Hard?
    1. Roy Rogers
    2. Ken Thompson
    3. Bill Clay
    4. Jack Carr
  5. Leon the Snowman in the movie Elf is based on a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer character voiced by whom?
    1. Burl Ives
    2. Gene Autry
    3. Hoyt Axton
    4. Paul Lynde
  6. When was Miracle on 34th Street originally released in the United States?
    1.  February 6, 1948
    2. December 12, 1947
    3. May 2, 1947
    4. November 28, 1949
  7. In the movie Holiday in Handcuffs, what style of restaurant does Trudy work at?
    1. Chinese
    2. Italian
    3. Indian
    4. Mexican
  8. What book is Clarence reading at the beginning of It’s a Wonderful Life?
    1. A collection of Shakespeare plays
    2. The Holy Bible
    3. Tom Sawyer
    4. The Call of the Wild
  9. How many times does Ralphie say he wants a Red Ryder BB gun in A Christmas Story?
    1. 30
    2. 34
    3. 52
    4. 28
  10. What is Willie (Billy Bob Thornton’s) last name in Bad Santa
    1. Williams
    2. Neal
    3. Stokes
    4. Wyzinski
  11. In “The Holiday,” Cameron Diaz’s character is relieved when she finds out that characters Sophie and Olivia are Jude Law’s…?
    1. Sisters.
    2. Daughters.
    3. Lesbian friends.
    4. Nieces.
  12. Nicholas Cage goes to sleep on Christmas Eve as a wealthy New York banker and wakes up as a middle-class dad in which holiday movie?
    1. Home for the Holidays.
    2. The Family Man.
    3. National Treasure.
    4. Christmas with the Kranks.
  13. In “The Santa Clause,” the character playing Tim Allen’s ex-wife lost her faith in Santa Claus when she didn’t get which of the following as a Christmas present?
    1. The Dream Husband game.
    2. The Mystery Date game.
    3. The Newlywed Game.
    4. An EZ-Bake oven.
  14. In the animated version of Frosty the Snowman, what are Frosty’s first words after coming to life?
    1. Merry Christmas
    2. I’m real!
    3. Happy Birthday
    4. Hello
  15. In Gremlins, what movie are the Gremlins watching in the movie theater?
    1. It’s a Wonderful Life
    2. ET
    3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    4. The Shining
  16. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, who helped the kids see the real meaning of Christmas?
    1. Charlie
    2. Sally
    3. Schroeder
    4. Linus
  17. In the Polar Express, what’s the “first gift of Christmas”?
    1. A bell from Santa’s sleigh
    2. The star for the top of the tree
    3. Joy for everyone
    4. Santa’s hat
  18. In the 1964 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, what is the Rudolph’s father’s name?
    1. Blitzen
    2. Cupid
    3. Comet
    4. Donner
  19. On the Island of Misfit Toys, what was the name of the Jack-In-The-Box?
    1. Charlie
    2. Sam
    3. Frank
    4. Billy
  20. When Howard (Arnold’s character) in Jingle All The Way finally buys the Turbo Man doll from the crooks, how much does he pay?
    1. $500
    2. $300
    3. $750
    4. a fake $100 bill


Cool, eh?  Megan organized all that.  I just drank.  Anyway, since the rents are still in town there’s so much to do.  So, instead of describing the party, I’m going to give you ALL the pictures I took with my new camera.  And by all, I mean even the ones that show how clearly intoxicated I am.  Sometimes, you just can’t work a camera right:

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