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72/365 – Writer’s Block on my Friggin’ Head
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72/365 – Writer’s Block on my Friggin’ Head

I need some encouragement and, at the same time, some discipline.  I have been upfront with the fact that many of my posts have to be written days after the actual date of the post.  I write notes and use them to construct the posts.  However, sometimes life just passes you by so quickly that writing posts seems arbitrary.  Especially when it’s a pet project.  It would be so easy to drop or decrease the posts to a more manageable number – say, 3-4 a week.  But I made a promise, and it’s a promise I am desperately trying to keep.  Where many of my posts involve humor, sometimes I don’t feel funny, and I write contrary to that – forcing humor when  I don’t feel it.

Thank Go I don't have a PC.

In times like these, I try to remember my time in Omaha after I graduated from Marquette University.  I was working harder than I am now.  I had a job Monday through Friday at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  I was cataloging tissue samples.  I was also working 20-25 hours waiting tables at night and the weekends at a brew pub called Upstream.  (Which always made me think of urine and, consequently, urine in their beer.)  That was quite a load.  Still, on top of that, I got up every weekday morning at 5:30am and went for a run.  Never mind the weather or how much sleep I had – I always went for a run.  There was a discipline there that I feel like I am always trying to recapture.  Some people try to recapture their looks from their youth or their energy from their youth.  I feel like I’m always trying to recapture that discipline from my youth.

Of course, this is what I looked like back then.

So I trudge on, trying to keep this thing fresh.  Trying to keep this thing relevant.  Trying to keep this thing interesting.  And man, is it hard.  One thing I have to remember is a piece of advice a FridayNiteBytes co-worker once gave me about these kind of projects: Craig Benzine.  He stared a video blog a few years back.  His goal?  Make a video everyday – just like my regular, non-video blog.  He kept at it and he never faltered.  Which is impressive.  He said there were days he just didn’t want to do it and days when the quality suffered form that attitude.  But he always remembered his primary rule – do it everyday – go for quantity, not quality – and people will watch.   See, people want consistency.  If you keep consistent, the quality will catch up with the quantity.  Check out his blog here: Wheezy Waiter.

Don't look at me that way, Craig. I'm trying.

So, I really try to emulate Craig.  His blog is impressive and he’s gotten so good at it.  He had said that the first few months were the hardest – and here I am, month three, and I’ve been sitting in my office all day, struggling to get the past five days out.  It’s been so difficult.  Megan and I had planned to set up test two of the My Wife, The Doll test, but things just got away from us.  Megan had to pack for Nashville – she’s on her way to see her dad tomorrow.  He’s having some major surgery and she’s there to support him.  Wish I could be there to support her.  All I can do is try really hard to keep up with this.  It has to be like a marriage.  There are good days and bad and you just have to stick with each other and see it through.  So, this blog is about that.  Megan will be gone tomorrow and I’ll be working.  I’ll shlep thorough this post and maybe have a better one tomorrow.

In any case, thanks for reading.  72/365 will be better.  I hope . . .

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