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Busy day today.  Worked at The North Face and am just exhausted.  Had a co-worker get snippy with me twice.  The first time, I was helping a customer who needed to exchange an item – of course, she didn’t say that right away.  You see, a full time employee or manager are the only ones who can process exchanges and returns.  So, I would not be able to help her.  Supposedly this employee (Let’s call him Penis Head) was helping her and he went someplace to get something.  Maybe he went to try on his penis head hat, I don’t know.  The thing is, she didn’t say that he was helping her or that she needed an exchange, so when she finally said she wanted to exchange something, he came walking up and made a hand gesture that said, “Go away, little boy, I got this.”  Okay, Penis Head.  Take it.  Sorry I almost runied your relationship with this woman who speaks 10 words of English.

Yeah? Next time you wave your hand to me in any other way than a greeting, I'll be doing some hand waving myself. IN YOUR FACE.

Then, I brought a customer to Penis Head.  He, too, needed an exchange processed.  I asked him of he could do it.  He agreed but barely.  Like his little Penis HEad voice can’t go above a certain volume when speaking to me.  So I stood there so the customer didn’t think I was abandoning them.  Penis Head past me and said with an extreamly condescending voice, “Um, I got got  it.  Go away.”  So, I stood there calmly and said back to Penis Head, Dude, chill out,  I understand.  You need to calm down.  Don’t talk to me like that.”  I walked away and continued to give him the stick eye until lunch.  I walked into the break room and he was having break as well.  I audibly said, “Son of bitch” when I saw him.   I think he was getting teh point – if you don;t know me, and your my retail co-worker, you really get only one strike.  I don’t have enough energy to give you more.,  You have nothing to offer me that would require a two or three strike rule.

Wrong finger, umpire.

I sat down to eat my chili and suddenly, he was all buddy buddy.   “Look, we’re eating the same thing!”  Wow, does that mean we’re twins Penis Head?  Nope, it doesn’t – it means this is a thinly veiled attempt at getting back into my good graces.  All I said was, and very dryly, “Really?”  the rest of the day, he approached me like we were best friends.  Up until today, he didn’t even know my name even though I wear a freaking name tag.  Sorry, you’re out, penis Head.  there are bigger people here I’d rather associate with than you.  As far as I’m concerned, if the stress of a retail job overwhelms you to the point of taking it out on co-workers, then you’ve got some big problems coming your way.  I’ve been an Assistant Director on a film set – that’s stressful.  Helping customers isn’t.

In any case, I’ve had it with snippy, rude people.  The military man yesterday and Penis Head have b mae me too tired to really write much today.  So, Patrick Tamisiea could not have come at a better time.  he finally finished a blog post he promised to write a few weeks ago.  he;s been so busy with grad school that he just got to it.  So click below and go back to an earlier post:



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