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80/365 – PRESENTS!
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80/365 – PRESENTS!

Tonight, Megan and I officially celebrated our Christmas.  Well, we opened our gifts.  “Celebrating” implies that we partied and praised Jesus, etc . . . Nah.  We just sat on the couch, opened gifts and then watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica.  Watching Battlestar Galactica was my main gift – the gift of awesome!  We wanted to have a private Christmas before heading to Paducah to be with the family.  If there’s one thing Megan is good at is giving original gifts.  She usually ignores my requests for video games and comics and tries to get me things that I wouldn’t buy for myself.  Or even conceive of owning.  There’s no way she supporting my nerd habit.  I do enough damage with my own funds.

I actually just hired the cast to stand in the TV room like this for 3 hours until Megan let me play Skyrim.

Here’s 5 of my favorite gifts Megan as given me over the years – Christmas or not:

1. My Own Comic Book

Until I can get the actual comic book downloaded, this'll have to do.

For my 30th birthday, Megan made me my own comic book.  She spent a lot of time at her job constructing, writing, coping – she really wasted her employers money ’cause the comic was awesome.  It’s called “The Adventures of Super Timmy”.  It’s about a nerd and his bicycle trying to save the world from Evil President Carter.  She drew each panel and inserted some collage as well.  As soon as I can, I will scan a copy and put it in a future post.  One of the best, most original ideas anyone I’ve ever known, dated or loved has ever given to me.   I think that was a sign she was the one . . . but I’m awful with signs.

Megan did this book manually.  But if you want to try your hand at it digitally, try Comic Creator.

2. Subscription to Film Movement

Do not confuse with "filmmovement.sex". That's a whole other gift of the month club.

Film Movement is an independent film distribution company based in New York.  They basically scour film festivals all over the world searching for up and coming new films and directors.  In fact, they just acquired my good friend Jeremy Clark’s film that was shown at Sundance – Prairie Love.  This makes me want a new subscription. Why?  When you get a subscription, you get a new film in the mail every month.  Along with that film is a independent short film.  Granted, I’ve been so busy I’ve only watched one, but I’m super excited to get some time off to watch some more.

You can get a subscription here.

3. A Bar Tending Class

Look at that eye candy! I wish this guy was my dad. My real dad can only fix me when I'm sick. This guy can make me sick when I drink!

Every time I fly Southwest – which is every time I fly – I tear out one page from their in-flight magazine.  It’s a feature they include with every issue.  It shows a new or completely original cocktail created by an accomplished mixologists.  They are usually really delicious.  I try them out when I can – I’ve probably collected at least 12 of them.  I’m fascinated by the art of mixing great cocktails.  Some people want to learn to cook or bake.  Not me.  I want to learn to make a great cocktail and create my own.

Which is ironic because I really don’t drink that much anymore.  Well, Megan has seen this fascination first hand.  We went to Small Bar here in Chicago where ALL the bartenders are mixologists – no slutty bar maids pouring quick drafts of Guinness the wrong way.  Nope, at Small Bar, they love to play and create drinks on the fly.  We went there because our friend Brain Hoolihan had worked there and hooked us up so they could create a signature cocktail for our wedding.  It was delicious.

So, Megan jumped at the opportunity to get me a Groupon for a free bartending course.  I have to find some free time to actually take it, but I’m mucho excited.

If you’re in Chicago, try the world’s oldest bartending school.

4. A Surprise Birthday Party

This kid just discovered internet porn. SURPRISE!

Boy, did she get me on this one.  Along with my brother Patrick, Megan was able to gather at least 40 of my friends as well as my mom and step-dad, cram them into the back room of my favorite bar and I was none the wiser.  My mom and Larry claimed they were taking me to see “Wicked” which was weird in two ways: 1) We saw a musical the night before and 2) I really hate musicals.  I was also confused on why we were heading uptown for a downtown musical.  Well, I started to catch on but I never could have guessed it would have been so huge.  She even hired a bagpiper.  Again, I should have know then that she was the one.  Patrick gave me a bottle of scotch and they made a cake with my senior portrait on it.  The highlight?  When our friend John Durbin plugged my laptop into the stereo speakers, put them in the window and blasted porn to the neighbors.

I can’t really help you on this front.  BUT, if you want to go to the greatest Scots bars in Chicago, it’s called The Duke of Perth.

5. Tickets to Body Worlds

These were just the guys tearing tickets!

Megan loves giving people “events” as gifts.  Never satisfied with just a tangible thing you can place in a shelf, she wants you to experience somethings beyond the actual opening of the gift.  Like the bartending school, the time we took coffee making classes or my surprise 30th birthday party, she searched high and low for something original to give me.  She found something pretty damn cool: tickets to Body Worlds at the Museum of Science and Industry.  Many of you have probably heard of this exhibition by now, but if you haven’t been, its creepytastic fun.  Basically, you wander a gallery of human and animal bodies who’s skin have been removed and set in some kind of preservation material.  They call it “Plastination.”  I call it cool.  Basically you’re seeing the human insides in a close intimate way.  It seems like it’s going to be a real life trip through the set of Hellraiser, but its not.  It’s actually one of the most fascinating things you’ll ever see.

Click here to see when the exhibit will be near you.

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