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81/365 – All About Pat
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81/365 – All About Pat

All 6 of my readers (it went up!) are familar with my brother Patrick.  You’re not?  He’s mentioned a whole lot . . . did I forget to mention him?  Crap.  Well . . . he’s my brother aaaaaaannnnnnnnd . . . he’s a Tamisiea.

That’s about it.

Oh, and he may be one of the funniest people to have graced the planet.  Well, the Midwest . . damnit.  I can’t get anything right.  He’s funny in the comedy club called “Patrick’s Head.”  Sorry, you can’t get a reservation.  It has one seat and is booked up until “dead.”  Still not jogging your memory?  Were you at his birthday party where he got dressed up in a thong and chased a Chinese bicycle delivery man down the street and then humped a man’s car while he was filling it up with gas?  Oh, you weren’t?  Well, I made a video about him – three in fact.  Actually, we’ve made quite a few together.  Maybe these will jog your memory.

All About Pat

All About Pat 2

All About Pat 3


Still can’t remember him?  Well, now you’ll never forget him.  Him and his manhood.  He seems to leave that indelible mark in people’s minds.  And sometimes in their faces.  Still, this strange cat called Patrick Walsh Tamisiea has been my comedy partner for many years now.  When he left Chicago, Megan, and I back in 2008 for new horizons in LA, our comedy had to take a break.  He made a good go of it in LA LA Land, but, unfortunately, like many extremely talented people in that cesspool, he moved on.  Sometimes I wish Justin Bieber was extremely talented – maybe then he’d leave too.  Now, Patrick is making a go of it in San Francisco.  Maybe he’ll find his gay rainbow there.  Or maybe just a rainbow.  Or gay.  In any case, he’s there studying creative advertising at The Miami School of Advertising.  No, it’s not in Miami.  That’s a different kind of gay.

I usually hear from Patrick regularly – usually it’s an XBox message pointing out how many hours I’ve spent on Skyrim, a phone call where he says “hi” over and over for 3 minutes or an e-mail with a picture of a fat kid he swears is Tammer the Hammer.  However, now, he’s understanding the total time commitment of a graduate program.  Which is good.  Less Skyrim interruptions for me.

I’ve been excited, though, to see some of the work he’s been doing.  His application was stellar.  So stellar that an admissions woman called him just to say that his video was so funny that it made her day.  He even made a mock up of an Onion front page complete with articles that he wrote. It was great.  Today, he sent me a link to a quick little video project he did for class.  Or maybe he just did it for the hell of it.  I feel like he did it for shits and giggles.  If you’re one of the 5 readers of this blog (I just lost one after the LA Promo Video) you may remember this little post.  In it, Patrick was listed for going as the annoying girl from A Christmas Story . . . you don’t remember that character?  Really?  Are all my 6 readers (that one came back – I had some dirt on him) Alzheimer’s patients?  (Just lost that 6th reader again.)  Well, here’s the video Patrick made.  Maybe this will jog your memory:

I Like Santa


So, that was just a long winded way to say, he’s still got it, he’s doing well and while Chicago misses him, San Francisco’s emergency management services are on high alert.

Yeah Pat!

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