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82/365 – Holy S**T

Aww, screw it.  HOLY SHIT.  This blog just got crunk.  Crazy crunk and crazy stupid.  Like a country girl drunk on Everclear and visiting the city on a bender at 2am — so lost and bewildered.  Holiday’s are like a hit on the head giving a blog temporary amnesia.  Why?  I’ll tell you why, punk.  Today isn;t December 22.  Nope.  It’s January 2.  What?  “Timmy, you need yo head checked.”  No I don’t . . . well, I do, but not because of dates.  Because I took a look at the last two weeks of blog entries and realized the numbers were way off.  So I went back and found that I skipped this post.  This one and two others.  I can’t even remember what happened on this day.  I know I played video games.  I know I watched TV.  I know I packed for Christmas in Kentucky.  But all details are gone.  I have no idea what happened.  I must have just blanked out when I was writing.  Weird.  So, I really don;t have much to write.  And I can tell you the future too . . . December 29 and 30 will be blank as well.  how do I know that?  Because, foo, it;s January 2nd.  It’s the next year!  So, I have to do the LAME thing and just give you some videos.  So sorry.  I’ll be more on track in the future.  How do I know.  Because it is the future!  HA HA!

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