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83/365 – TIMMY!

People at work are never sure whether or not they should call me Timmy.  They always ask if that’s what I want.  Yes, it is.  I used to date girls whose dads would pull them aside and ask them, “Do I have to call him Timmy?”  Yes, you do.  People will scream “Timmy!” from South Park and automatically go to, “You probably hate that, don’t you?”  Nope. I love it.  So, in honor of my namesake and the fact that I’m headed to Paducah in an hour for the holidays, I give you TIMMY!  Why? Because Megan’s parents never questioned my name.  They just accepted it like people accept James or Mark.  That’s why Megan is great and her family is great!


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  1. Posted 26 Dec ’11 at 9:11 pm | Permalink

    I’ve never liked the idea of debt. It’s in the back of my mind… Even if it’s just “I owe a friend a few bucks for pizza.”

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