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85/365 – A Kentucky-rific Christmas
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85/365 – A Kentucky-rific Christmas

It’s CHRISTMAS, y’all.  I am in the south . . . sort of.  Kentucky is a weird state where some say its the south and some don’t and people in Wiscinsin will say, “Yeah, you’re in the south,” and people in Georgia will say, “Hell no, M’am.  You’re a Yankee.”  So, let me just say, it’s south for me . . . Y’all!

Yesterday, I posted about some of the Tamisiea family traditions I would miss the most this holiday season.  I in no way wanted to give off the feeling that I did not want to be with my wife and her family In Kentucky.  Quite the opposite.  Like I said yesterday, this isn’t a sacrifice, as I’m finding some great new traditions that go come with being at the Asbell/Green family Christmas.  I mean, change is never easy, but I love my wife and her family is pretty awesome.  They don;t have that psychotic edge that the Tamisieas so, but that’s a condition I wouldn’t wish on the anyone.

Here are some of my new favorite holiday traditions that I’ve come to love.

1) Dirty Santa

So dirty.

Leo, Megan’s dad, lives next door to his sister as well as Megan’s cousins.  On Christmas Eve night, they all go to Ellie and Dustin’s house (the cousins) for a little food and fun.  First off, Ellie and Dustin’s son is Logan.  Logan was our ring bearer and probably the coolest kid on the planet.  His presence alone makes for an awesome night.  His mom told me that they gave him walkie talkies last year for Christmas and he would sit on the toilet, doing his duty, and radio, “Daddy, I’m pooping,” and then, “Daddy, I’m ready to be done now.”  Ellie will probably kill me for writing that, but she needs to know, that make s Logan my f’ing hero.  Plus he looks just like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, so how much more Christmas can you get than that?

You'll shoot your eye out!

In anycase, there a buch of great finger food – including this jalapeño popper thing.  I don’t know what it was called, but it was muy bueno.

The main part of the night is the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange.  It’s a basic White Elephant game where numbers are drawn and fun, goofy gifts are opened.  You can steal or open a new gift – your choice.  For me, this made me feel at home.  It was just like being at my Uncle Pat’s (Buck’s).  Tons of fun family, lots of kids, chaos.  I got a metal Aluma Wallet – indestructible.  I also gave a Dreidel.  It was a joke.  I’m not sure the recipient got that it was a joke when she turned around and said, “I’m a Christian.”  Whoops.


2) Church of Christ

I’m a Catholic boy.  Born and raised.  Went to a Catholic grade school, high school and College.  I also have my issues with the Catholic church.  THose issues have made me a little more open to other religions.  It’s allowed me to accept people of all faiths and even no faith.  t’s all good.  So, seeing the environment where Megan found her own faith was cool.  She’s a lot like me, we have some faith, it’s just not as institutionalized as it used to be.  Going to a Church of Christ service in place of my annual midnight Catholic mass was a little scary, but it turned out a-okay.  The preacher was pretty cool – had some great points.  2 of them to be precise (I guess he usually has 3).  Essentially, while there wasn’t the calistentics of a Catholic service, the message was the same and the entire congregations was very inviting.  It was a nice change of pace – and my knees thanked me.

3) Christmas Morning Lunch

"Where are the grits?"

After missing my mom’s Christmas Eve dinner, I was ecstatic to have a home cooked meal made by Megan’s mom.  Mom are just great.  Their food equally so.  This meal was fantastic.  Ham, potatoes and . . . GRITS!  Yes!  Grits!  I have never had grits and Megan’s mom made cheese grits – to Megan and her brother’s dismay, they were Cheese grits.  I didn’t mind them.  In fact, I think more cheese would have been better.  Megan and her brother prefer brown sugar and butter grits.  Those were pretty dam good too.  Told you I was in the south.  The thing is, this was an opportunity to feel at home.  Meals on a holiday are huge and this one let me feel comfortable – like being with  my own family.  And that was important to me.

4) Christmas Afternoon Cinema

We forgot to celebrate Scientology Christmas as well - when Tom Cruise was born.

You’d think my family would want to see a movie on Christmas every year.  However, it’s just not something we do.  Megan, Her dad and brother see a movie every Christmas afternoon.  This is a tradition I can get used to.  Its just nice to relax and see some popcorn movie goodness.  We saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  If you want to feel queasy as Tom Cruise hops up and down the tallest building in the world, this is the movie for you.  Plus, Tom Cruise is just like Jesus – except for everything.  Anyway, not a bad action flick despite my hatred for Tom Cruise.   My favorite part of the film?  When the hero finally wins the day in a climatic action sequence, I saw Megan’s dad make a fist, pull it in and say, “Yes!”  It gave me faith in the power of films again.  That they can really affect people.  Even glitzy action movies.  Hopefully, I can bring this tradition to my family Christmas.

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