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91/365 – Are We Dating?

Today, one of my co-workers asked me what my plans were for New Year’s Eve.  While I used to get blasted and throw up different colored alcohol liquids hoping to read my future in the corn, I now take it easy.  Tonight, I told him, I was having dinner with my wife to celebrate our dating anniversary.  He was throughly disgusted.


Okay, okay – let me clarify.  I’ve never been one for celebrating minor anniversaries.  My wedding anniversary will not be minor.  But little ones like first kiss or first date or three months since we met or the anniversary of the time I broke up with you for the 14th time.  I have friends who celebrate those minor-stones and more power to them.  I guess my worldview just sees them as stepping stones among millions of stepping stones.  Megan and I, however, do commemorate (note, not celebrate) our dating anniversary.  Which is a real misnomer.  Many people mistake it for the anniversary of our first date.  Nope.  We probably should call it The Day of Conceding or The Death of Our Denial Day because it has more to do with us finally admitting to dating than an actual date event.

For all I know, I probably asked Megan to marry me in the picture. I was drunk. Sue me.

You see, for at least a year before New Yaars Eve, 2005, Megan and I played a singles dance.  We were totally hot for each other.  We really enjoyed each other’s company and we kissed . . . multiple times.  However, we were both people who had come off horrible breakups and were really digging our single status.  Getting into a relationship seemed like a sure fire way to drop an short anchor off a tall boat.  No way we wanted that.  So while we looked like a couple, talked like a couple and kissed like a couple (in private) we saw ourselves as bachelor and bachelorette.

Our dating anniversary. Also known as the day we really tried hard to look sober.

Then New Years Eve rolled along.  We published our entire story when we initially set up this site as a wedding info site.  You can read my side here.  You can read Megan’s side here.  I highly reccomend you read both.  But, to make a long story short, Megan and I got a little emebriated that night.  Just before midnight, Megan looked at me and asked, “Are we dating?”  I replied, “Sure.  I guess so.”  And witha kiss we unceremoniously outed outrselves to the world.  Well, more like oursekves since everyone else knew we were dating but us.

So, tonight, we’re going to The Duke of Perth and having a drink for us, on us.  We will celebrate the New Year and another year of us being together.  And we like it that way just fine.

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    “Fish and chips is authentic and delicious here. Just like the queen would make.” – zagat.com
    Dude I would totally party down that alley next to The Duke of Perth.

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