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Monthly Archives: December 2011


71/365 – Post Party

Well, we had an unbelievable xmas party.  We had kids and adults.  We had vegetables and cookies.  We had screenwriting center folks, North Face folks, old friends, new friends, improvisors and my family.  There was a trivia contest and we had awesome prizes.  Not jokes […]


70/365 – XMAS PARTY!

My mom and step-dad, Larry, are in town.  That’s right.  Megan’s new Mother-in-Law and Step-Father-In-Law are in town to celebrate the Holidays.  We’re having our first (and possibly last) Christmas Party in Chicago as a Married Couple!  I put those all in caps because it […]


69/365 – The Worst/Best Acid Trip Ever

I was all ready to start the next stage of the Huru Humi test but with my parents in town and the entirely insane work schedule I have, this is not a weekend for blog posts.  Add on the Christmas Party that Megan and I […]

Huru Humi is supposed to sound like, "Who you?  Who me?"  Dumb.

68/365 – My Wife The Doll: Test 1

If you haven’t read “My Wife The Doll” yet, do so now so you don’t think I’m crazy. All right!  The Huru Humi dolls came in!  It’s time to test these bitches out!  Well, I mean, these young ladies.  Just a quick recap: Megan did […]

No, wait!  I was just kidding.  You're really pretty . . . come back . . .

67/365 – 4 Ways Skyrim Confirms My Real Life Behavior

I read in a very reputable periodical (still searching for that very reputable periodical) that when a player is presented with a decision in a video game, they will rarely stray from their own moral and decision-making compasses. In essence, who you are in the real […]


66/365 – 5 Annoying Desk Jockey Behaviors

I wouldn’t consider my T.A. job at the illustrious Columbia College Screen Writing Center an office job.  I’m more like a glorified librarian who also makes copies and holds student IDs and shuts off lights and watches Hulu.  You know, a T.A.  I also handle […]

If only Al had known about Skyrim.

65/365 – Red Eyes Tamisiea

I have written 5 opening sentences to this blog post.  I have deleted 5 opening sentences to this blog post.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  I’m desperately trying to stay sane.  But in order to stay sane, I need sleep.  But sleeping, to […]


64/365 – Gone Fishin’

Sorry folks.  Really.  Sometimes you just gotta take a real break.  I take them every once in awhile, but I always come back swinging and leave you with some kind of great video.  Today is the first day off I’ve had in awhile where I […]


63/365 – Interview with the Elmo

Part of the spirit of this blog is to celebrate the anniversaries of shared events between Megan and myself.  When a day comes by in the next year where Megan and I can talk about the a past shared event, I’ll share it.  When my […]

The made my "Yule Tide" into a cake.

62/365 – Christmas Music – Blech!

Merry Christmas!  Weeeee!  We all love Christmas.  Sometimes we love it so much we have to shorten it to X-Mas so that we don’t choke on our Yule Tide! This will be Megan and I’s first Christmas as a married couple.  I’m not sure it […]


61/365 – Inappropriate

Today, at work (Columbia for all 2 of you keeping track), my boss showed me and my co-worker, Rob, a really stunning piece of music video art.  Just facinating and sparkly . . . No.  Not really.  It’s just mile high inappropriate.  Not for us, […]