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92/365 – Three Months, Matey. Arrrgh!

Today, January 1st, 2012, is not only the beginning of a new year, but, cheesy enough, it’s the 3 month mar of Megan and I’s marriage.  If you read yesterday’s post, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, you don’t celebrate minor anniversaries!”  Yes, I don’t.  You are right.  I’m simply pointing it out.  BUT, I thought I would commemorate this day by sharing a wedding/X-Mas gift we received a week and a half ago.

Here’s the story.  This past summer, I attended a fund raiser for my friend Jeremy’s theatre company, Kaa-Tet.  I could only be there for a little while, but i did participate in a silent auction.  They had some supreme prizes.  However, I bid on the basket of toys and candy – you know, squirt guns and fart puddy and stuff 8 year old love.  I love them too, okay!

Well, I won.  Because I was the only one to bid.  I couldn’t be there to accept the prize so Jeremy took it home with him.  The night i picked it up, I had ice cream with my good friend Brian Sheridan and his girlfriend, Abby.  Brian drove me to jeremy’s house and then drove me home.  The one thing in that basket I REALLY wanted was this plastic cup that had a little cartoon pirate and the words “Ahoy, Matey!” emblazoned on it.  I was psyched . . .

The I realized that I had left it in Brian’s car.  I texted Brian to let him know, but he was already too far away to come back to my place.  The next day, Brian posted a few pictures of the cup on Facebook to taunt me.  Ha ha, Brian.  I want my freaking cup.  Well, time passed, no cup.  I got married, if you didn’t know.  I went to the Dominican Republic.  I got 3 jobs.  The cup was all but a distant memory.  Then, a few weeks ago, Brian texted me saying there was a gift by my front door.  He left it there.  I grabbed this bad and inside was the cup.  It was not alone, however, for inside was also a book.  A book Brian and Abby made for Megan and I.  It didn’t have a title.  It only had a picture of the cup on it’s front.  It was the journey of the cup back to my hands and what a journey it was.

So, for your reading pleasure, I present Brian and Abby’s wedding gift – all about my Ahoy, Matey! cup.

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