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95/365 – 5 Cute Things About My Wife
© 2012 Timmy Tamisiea. All rights reserved. I have no idea how Megan sleep with that damn light on.

95/365 – 5 Cute Things About My Wife

I’m reading, for the first time, A Christmas Carol.  It’s surprisingly good for Charles Dickens.  My only run in with that dude was A Tale Of Two Cities my freshman year of high school.  I can say that we were not friends.  A Christmas Carol, however, has a tongue and cheek narrator and, for being one Dickens’ more recognizable stories, it feels fresh.

However, reading about a miserly, mean old man named Ebenezer made me take a quick look at the last 93 blog posts I’ve written.  If I didn’t know me (and sometimes I wonder if I really do) I’d think I was one curmudgeonly old fart.  I seem like a really big complainer – griping and bitching about everything.  “Waa waa.  I don’t like the CTA.  I don’t like co-workers.  I don’t like bananas.”  Actually, I do like bananas.  They’re super cool.  The irony is that I hate complaining.  Most of the time, complaining really just creates noise and rarely gets problems solved.  I guess this blog has become an outlet for my noise.

My driver’s license picture. I was having a bad hair day.

Still, there are things that make me happy.  I’m not Ebenezer Scrooge.  At least the last time I checked . . . nope.  My driver’s licensee says E. Scrooge . . . wait a minute . . . what I’m getting at is there are things that make me happy.  Very happy.  So I thought I’d share those with you today.  But, specifically, because this is The First 365 Days, I’d tell you about those little idiosyncrasies about my wife that make me smile.  Seeing that she is the person that makes me happiest, it just seems fitting.  There’s so many of them, but here’s 5 little traits that get me through the day.  Warning – I’m usually not this cheesy . . .

1) I’ll Leave A Light On For Ya.

I have no idea how Megan sleep with that damn light on.

Whenever I get home late (which is often) Megan is already in bed.  Sleeping.  Heck, even when I’m home she goes to bed much earlier than me.  Without fail, when I enter the bedroom, she’s left my nightstand light on.  I’ve told her time and time again that she doesn’t need to so that.  I wouldn’t.  NOt that I’m a total jerk but I know she likes complete darkness in the bedroom.  I would think she’d want that complete darkness to help her sleep.  Yet, she doesn’t care.  She leaves that light on knowing I’ll be in bed later and I’ll 1) need a light to help me get t the bed and 2) I usually read when I get to bed so the light is on for my reading pleasure.  It’s a small thing, but it’s my small thing.

2) Intruder Alert!  Intruder Alert!

Granted, I should take off the ski mask and put down the crobar when I come to bed.

At the same time, when I do get to bed, I can guarantee one thing; it’s not the light that will wake Megan up.  Nope.  It’s me.  No matter how quiet, how careful I am, Megan will drearily jolt put of bed.  With a gasp, she’ll bolt up as if I’m some intruder.  It;s really funny.  It seriously make me laugh.  I can’t help it,  This big gasp of air is almost always followed by a non-verbal recognition that it’s just me, and then, slowly, she lowers herself back onto her pillow with a sigh and continues her slumber.  She may mumble, “Hi sweetie,” or, “I love you.” in a barely audible voice.  It’s just so cute how she’ll go friom an instant state of panic into the bleary bliss of slumber.

3) Waddle Waddle Waddle

This is us on the way to the movies.

Chicago’s just a busy place.  There’s lot of cars and they drive fast.  Any opening in the traffic and you gotta take advantage of it – run across that street.  When Megan takes it, it’s pretty damn cute.  Megan runs with her arms straight down and makes short strides, effectively making her run lie a penguin.  It’s even better in the winter when she’s wearing her long NOrth Face down coat so you can’t even see her legs.  Then she’s like this cute hovering figure in the street – lightly bobbing up and down in an attempt to not get squashed by a car.  It’s like Frogger, with a penguin.  Penguin . . . er.

4) Soup and Crackers.

We go through 1 million boxes a year. ONE MILLION.

Megan loves her some soup.  Chicken noodle, Italian Wedding, Chicken Enchilada – if there’s can, she’ll eat it.  She’ll sit on the couch with a dinner trey and slowly chomp on that hot goodness – chomp being the key word here.  Megan also loves Saltine Crackers.  See, when I eat soup, I’ll crumble some crackers into my soup and eat them quickly to savor the crunchiness.  I’ll add as needed.  Megan pretty much grabs as many crackers as she can and effectively makes a stew from her soup.  She just mushes them in there till the soup has a viscous, think quality to it.  Let me make this clear; sometimes it looks likes there’s more crackers than soup.  She changed the soup from a liquid to a solid at the molecular level.  She’s an alchemist with soup and crackers.  It’s very cute – not appetizing to me, but man she loves it.

5) Not Just Half A Heart

I need that whole thing. Not just part of it. ALL OF IT!

When we got married, Megan and I wrote our own vows.  There were really more like testaments and anecdotes of our love and commitment.  This one part of mine to her.  See, most couples tell each other they love each other all the time.  Megan, however, almost always follows her words of devotions with the same phrase.  She almost always says, “I love you with all my heart.”  It’s a phrase that, if said by another person, could sound forced or fake or melodramatic or cheesy – it really could just sound weird.  When I first heard her say it, I thought it was weird.  It felt like something from a bad romance novel or cheesy romcom.  But Megan says it with an ease and normalcy that makes me smile.  If she didn’t say it, I’d probably wonder if she found someone else she loved with all her heart.  It’s become my phrase, for me by her.

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