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101/365 – BATTLESTAR!

If you have not seen Battlestar Galactica, you need to get off your lazy ass, stop stereotyping sci-fi shows and buy the DVDs now.  I’m not joking.  Do it!  NOW!   I can wait . . . .

This is me waiting. GET GOING! Stop looking at me waiting!

Are you watching it.  No, you’re reading this.  Fine.  I’ll accept that.   Maybe this will help you – the person who got me into that show is a girl and she hates sci-fi.  And I hate the Sci-fi (now SyFy) networks in-house produced shows.  Thsi one, however, is gold.  How is it gold?  Because it’s the first TV show that I’ve been able to get Megan addicted to.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  She live this show – and Megan does not watch traditional sci-fi – BUT THIS ISN’T TRADITIONAL.  IT has political and social overtones that you can’t get from just any sci-fi show.

In fact, the kind folks over at Portlandia (IFC critically acclaimed sketch comedy show) made a video that pretty much describes how Megan and I will be in two weeks . . . and Megan found it.  Enjoy!



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