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103/365 – LET IT F*****G SNOW!

Today I wrote 7 pages of my feature.  Not bad.  It’s also proving that this is going to be rough.  Like real rough.  The kind of rough that is reserved only for my feet  back in 200 when I was running everyday but not hydrating enough and they looked like sandpaper pecked at by humming birds.  That kind of rough.  So, like I said, my posts are going to have to be cut down quite a bit.

The good thing that’s going on right now, as we speak . . well, let me balance that . . . this is good for me but the city may be pissed.  IT’S SNOWING.  Yeah.  It;s snowing.  I hate snow, but this unseasonably warm weather was starting to bug the crap out of me.  Snow reinforces that it is winter.  For the past two months, I’ve felt like a bag was over my head and a gun was pointed at my head – I never knew when it was going to go off.  And Megan loves snow, so I know this will make her happy.

This snow couldn’t come at a better time, either.  While I’m glad that winter finally decided to show its crooked, gnarly little face to the public, it doesn’t decrease my dislike for winter.  So, as winter proves it exists, tomorrow I get to escape to Las Vegas!  Yeah!  What what!

So, for those casual readers of this blog (10 of you – record!), my posts may not be as broad as I’d like – they may feature more personal descriptions of a somewhat event-less day, I will do my best to give you all some more observational posts, lists and what not.  Till then, enjoy this form Chicago and the Chava Cafe . . .

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