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110/365 – Dinner from a Babe

Listen, I don’t have much to say today.  Most of my creative juices have to re-routed to getting my feature screenplay done (page 14 – what!  what!).  I’m desperately trying to allot an hour a day for writing the script.  An hout that keeps getting pushed to another day.  So, I’m 3 hours behind right now and I’m at the Screenwriting center, fist at my head, hoping to get three hours off the stack.  PLUS, this blog.  I’m trying not to leave the room or look up and get this shit done.

Of course, when I don't look up this is the kind of crap I miss out on.

See, when I lived in NYC, I wrote my first screenplay over 2 months by setting aside an hour every weekday night to write.  My old playwriting teacher, friend and mentor, David Ravel, gave me his old Mac Laptop so I could start writing.  It was one of the very, VERY old ones; a big, clack brick coming in at like 50 pounds.  He had Final Draft loaded into it, so I started plugging away.  Monday through Friday, I opened up the old Mac laptop and wrote from 9pm-10pm.  I wore headphones so not to hear my roomies and wrote at the living room table facing away from the TV.  My roomates (Jennie Borude and Nolan Beran) would snap at me if I looke dup for more than 10 seconds.

It was a laptop just like this. It doubled as a weight loss machine.

That first screenplay was pretty bad – a paranormal suspense thriller.  The story of a Japanese American man, living in Manhattan, and him being haunted by a long dead ancestor – a samurai.  Yeah, I mean the concept could be good, but that when the word samurai came up, I’m sure you choked on your coffee.  I did.  If I ever return to it, I’m sure I could make it better.  But, for a first attempt, I think I has the screenplay format nailed.

At least my ghost samurai didn't look like a beefed up version of Orco from Masters of the Universe.

So, I’m attempting that work ethic again – 13 years later.  One hour a day, every day, till the screenplay is done.  Needless to say, I have to get back to it.  I have 3 hours to catch up on.  So, Megan, the sweetheart she is, brought me dinner at work.  She got off of her own work at 5pm, came to the South Loop and brought me a salad and a smoothie.    She’s great.  Gotta love her!  Now I can get more work done.

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