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121/365 – 14 Hours and Counting

It’s late Monday night.  I’m functioning on a Rockstar Energy Drink, Mio Energy Water Flavoring and 2 cups of coffee.  I can feel my body screaming for me to stop — it hate me so much.  When my body hates me, t has a self destructive behavior.  I may be getting sick.  I’m working a 14 hour day, today . . . again.  The delirium if these type of work days is transparent and in excess.   My co-workers have to endure random bouts of Tourette  syndrome as I randomly sing, chant or make funny noises — funny being a relative word.

Dogs make funny noises too, but they aren't always cute.

I’m desperately trying to get tasks done for the day – especially in preparation for the Semester in LA program.  My feature script is at 58 pages.  Which is good.  But now I need to work on become ing a “student at large” in Columbia so that I can get an internship in LA when the time comes.  Supposedly being a student usually guarantees an internship because they want the liability coverage that a College or University coverers.  Otherwise, in many cases, you are up shit creek.  And let me tell you, shit creek is awful.  Just a smelly smell place.

They fool you with those pristine paddles. Once you're inside . . . poo!

I’m working so much so that I can front load my hours and get a little cash while I’m in LA.  So, on hour 12 of this fantastic day, a day in which the weather is beckoning me ton come out and play, I give you this:

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