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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Ha ha ha!  I ruined your childhood.  Now off to a drug induced coma at Columbia College Chicago. (He was a film student there.)

102/365 – Star Sucks

I think the majority of intelligent and somewhat savvy people can say that the prequels to the Star Wars films are like sucking on slice of grapefruit injected with AIDS.  It sour, you know it’s sour, but you also know there’s something much worse deep […]


101/365 – BATTLESTAR!

If you have not seen Battlestar Galactica, you need to get off your lazy ass, stop stereotyping sci-fi shows and buy the DVDs now.  I’m not joking.  Do it!  NOW!   I can wait . . . . Are you watching it.  No, you’re reading […]


100/365 – Jackasses and Long Noses

I don’t think I’ll ever understand James Carville and his wife, Mary Matalin.  I’m not sure the world understands those two.  Usually 1 Progressive Leftist + 1 Conservative Righty = orphan tears, the return of  Hudson Hawk and a bloodbath of biblical proportions.  It’s like […]


99/365 – SPAM!

Today, I’m working again.  Megan was at a bachelorette party last night and I’m working a long, long shift.  I have two hours to waste between shifts so I decided to catch up on this blog.  What do I find?  462 Spam comments, that’s what […]

He's as happy as a little girl!

98/365 – Team Submarine!

Team Submarine!  If you don’t already know it, you should remember that name.  Steve O’Brien and Nate Fernhold – the two members of this unbelievable sketch comedy duo.  Last night I had the pleasure of playing a walk on roll on their show for the […]

That hand could instantaneously squeeze at any moment.  there is no safety, little guy.

97/365 – Stress!

I woke up last night – wait . . . scratch that.  I woke up this morning with the kind of anxiety reserved for lab rats.  You know, lab rats who know they’re part of some elaborate, cruel experiment and they’re just waiting for the […]

I will be John McClane this month!

96/365 – And Now the Hard Part Begins

Back in November I signed up for a pitching seminar at Columbia College.  What’s pitching, you ask.  Oh, pitching is the fine art of verbal story telling and being charming – at the same time.  Whenever a screenwriter or a producer wants to sell a […]

I have no idea how Megan sleep with that damn light on.

95/365 – 5 Cute Things About My Wife

I’m reading, for the first time, A Christmas Carol.  It’s surprisingly good for Charles Dickens.  My only run in with that dude was A Tale Of Two Cities my freshman year of high school.  I can say that we were not friends.  A Christmas Carol, […]

Ever since the ban on gay marriage was lifted, the pirates think they can get the same treatment.  Marriage is not between a pirate and a pirate!  It says so in the Bible.

94/365 – Lights! Camera! Marriage!

Next week Megan an I will be heading to Las Vegas for our friend Natalie’s wedding.  It’s going to be at Treasure Island Casino.  Arrgh.  Nothing says love like walking the plank – that was a euphemism.  I hope you plunder his gold and he […]

See how many stops there are on the north side Red Line alone?  Now look at the South Side Red Line.  And trust me, those proximity of those stations on the map are not accurate.  The South Side stations are very far from each other while the ones on the North Side are too close.

93/365 – 7 CTA Annoyances

As Megan and I discuss our options of moving from Chicago, it’s hard not to look at this city and how it’s changed.  Megan has been here for about 8 years.  I’ve been here for almost 11.  When I moved here form New York, I […]


92/365 – Three Months, Matey. Arrrgh!

Today, January 1st, 2012, is not only the beginning of a new year, but, cheesy enough, it’s the 3 month mar of Megan and I’s marriage.  If you read yesterday’s post, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, you don’t celebrate minor anniversaries!”  Yes, I don’t.  You are […]