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128/365 – Grill Job

We live in an era where finding your dream job – a job that helps you live while simultaneously gives you sense of purpose and fulfillment – is not just a possibility but a right.  Where our grandparents took jobs because it was a matter of putting food on the table we now seek jobs that offer more.  Do we all find them?  I assume not.  I’m still searching.  It’s on;y in the past 3 years that I finally figured out what I want to be doing with my life.  And now, my career goals are competing with my personal goals – kids and living.  It’s a good thing I found such an incredible woman to help me with this experience.  She, like me, is trying to get these goals in gear as well.   As a married couple, our jobs are really important to us becuse we don’t just want jobs, we want careers.

This has been a sensitive subject for me.  I’ve worked so hard to clasp that dream job – many times not knowing exactly what that job really was.  I feel like I’m inching closer; every day working to discover what it is in a job that will truly make me satisfied.  I know I want to be in film and television development; at least that much I know.  Will it make me happy?  I think so.  However . . . its been a struggle to even get here.  I think about it often.  Today, though, I watched a short film about a New York City diner that really made me smile.  It gave me a really spectacular perspective on what it is that makes people happy in their jobs.  I just thought I’d share it with you.  Happy Monday!

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