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134/365 – Good Bye, My Love

It’s Sunday.  Relaxation time.  Battlestar Galactica time with the wife time.  Time!

It’s also the end of the world time . . .

Because the end of the world begins with the Earth farting into the void.

Why?  Because Whitney Houston died, that’s why.  Well, it’s not the end of the world, but I have to make a confession . . . Ms. Houston was my first crush.  Yeah, when her video for “I Wanna Dance” came out, I would watch it all the time.  I would wait for it to pop up on MTV between “I Want My MTV” and some other nonsense.  Probably Fleetwood Mac – I don’t know and I didn’t care.  I wanted more Whitney!  I was confused about the weird feelings I had when she’d make that big, beautiful smile — dancing around with her midrift showing — popping out of boxes.  Me, Whitney!  Little 7 year-old ME wants to dance with you! . . . Hey!  Those feelings were not sexual, rope climbing feelings – I had a genuine crush on her.

See that crooked little smile . . yeah, that was for me! No one but me.

I’m sure my mom thought I was probably gay for watching that video all the time . . . and for trying to win a night with New Edition.  Hey!  It was a Nickelodeon contest and I just wanted to win something!  Anything.  Especially since Whitney wanted to dance with somebody, but not me.  Maybe New Edition would make her jealous.   Nope.  They turned on me and Bobby Brown won her over.  Now, Whitney is gone . . . and she chose Bobby over me.  So who’s the real loser . . . okay, me.  Sorry, Megan, I must mourn my first lady . . .

Behind those fresh, honest faces are lies, deceit and woman steeling thoughts.

But I digress, because my real life lady and I are trying to spend as much time together as we can over the next few days.  I leave on Thursday for LA and we need to find out what happens to Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica) before she leaves.  I also need to beat Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood before I leave.  IMPOSSIBLE!  So, while I take some well deserved and needed time with my wife while simultaneously mourning Ms. Houston, I’ll give you this . . . . because I’d spend the end of the world with ALL OF YOU and MS. Houston  (All 5 if you – small drop off in readers since last time) . . . oh!  And Megan.

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