© 2012 Timmy Tamisiea. All rights reserved. This is what my Monday usually ends up being.

135/365 – Monday! . . . Oh, I mean, Monday.

It’s Monday, y’all!  What’s not to celebrate?
We get to work!  Yes!
Get up early after a weekend of sleeping in!  B-b-b-bonus!
Try to jump start your energy when all you want to do is sleep — SLEEP? Pa-sha!  Never.

Let’s kick this biznatch into 10th gear because my Monday car has 10 gears, son!  Vrrrooooooooom!

This is what I hope my Monday will be.

This is what my Monday usually ends up being.

Yes.  It is Monday.  I have so much to do today to get ready for Thursday when I leave for LA.  Update Linkedin – yes, people do use that.  Reprint all my feature screenplays.  Apply for internships.  Write cover letters.  Finish up some film work.  At some point in the next few days I should probably pack.  That sounds important.  Take Megan out tomorrow for Valentine’s Day – yes, people do that.

So, in the spirit of keeping your Monday sane, I bestow upon you a Monday video with superheroes and the film Office Space.  How could Monday be so dreary with this in your gullet? . . . Now get back to work!

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