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136/365 – Take This Job And Shove It***

*** “Shove it” meaning give it to another qualified candidate till I return from LA.

Yes. Today is my last day at the illustrious Screenwriting Center. Till April, at least. I’ll miss these hallowed walls of writers’ dismay. Till April, at least. I hope the students can get along without me. Till April, at least. The teachers better learn how to set up their laptops properly or they won’t be able to teach. Till April, at least.

I don’t have a lot of things to say but I will say that the people at The Screenwriting Center are good, solid people. People I would stick my neck out for any day. Angelica — keep the dream of classic cinema alive with your fist of fury you call a blog. Matt — I’m leaving Settlers of Catan for you in the back room. Take care of her. And remember, “Are you there, God? It’s you, Jesus.” Jef — you have a kid. Really. A kid! Now, shut that damn kid up and write your superhero thesis! Rob — enjoy the show you boy scout bitch you.  Jerrod — I did a Production II film once. Beat the crap out of the fear and find the joy.  You’ll get through it.  Gary — blood, guts and gore. That’s it.

I’ll probably see you guys tomorrow. I think I left my favorite pencil there.

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