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144/365 – Sister Pants on Paramount
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144/365 – Sister Pants on Paramount

Today we had two excellent speakers: Gaylen Fraische.  Gaylen was awesome.  I mean supremely awesome because she’s been involved in every aspect of production – form inception to voice recording in post.  That’s one dedicated mama!  Gaylen has produced films for ABC Family, worked on The River Wild and Strange Days and produced Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  And while none of these films are quite up my alley, she is definitely someone who would be invaluable to know in the business.

Right after this guy.

Once she was finished, we got a full on tour of Paramount Studios . . . and then . . .

Okay, I’ll just be honest here.  The combination of depression, homesickness and the work due for class has made this blog less of a comedy source and more of a technical manual.  I would love to have written more, but writer’s block comes in all shapes and sizes . . . this block is made up of trying to acclimate myself to LA while justifying my decision to move here in the face of constant opposition — which I’ll cover later.

Anytime you miss home or are not “feeling” it, writing really is the last thing you want to do.  I’m looking at my notes, trying to catch up with this blog and I realized — I’m 5 days behind schedule.  That’s a lot of days.  That’s like a menstrual cycle . . .right?  I don’t know women’s bodies.  I can barely keep this blog current, so don;t expect me to know how a woman bleeds.

Well, yes. But this will make anyone bleed, so leave me out of this.

So, to catch up, I have to go the lazy route . . . a lot of short synopses and videos.  Sorry.  It sucks.  I know that all 5 of my readers rely on my wit to pull them out of  their humdrum lives.  I’m the sexy dream every housewife has while she’s vacuuming the family room for the 3rd time in a day — except in a funny way . . . That was a bad example.  I’m the pink slip every blue collar worker wishes would be pushed on him when he just wants to DANCE! . . . No?  Not working.  Um . . . I’m the blog . . . that you read . . . because you already read all the articles on cracked.com . . .

Listen, this is nesessary.  Some times it’s quantity over quality.

In honor of my movie making stint here in Hollywood, I give you this!  Enjoy, suckas!




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