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145/365 – Gate(wood) to Animation

Hey gang.  Wow, did you read that piece of crap I wrote yesterday (5 minutes ago)?  That was awful . . . and the crap will keep coming.  Like todler with stomach cramps.

Well, get ready for more abbreviated commentary and a giant make up for time lost . . . Today I had one great speaker and one great host.  First, the speaker . . .

Vince Gatewood

A former student, not 2 years out of the program, he’s really worked his way up the ladder.  He’s now an assistant to the head of A BAnd Apart – the company that produces Tarantino’s films.  Here’s a few pearls of wisdom from a guy who was in my shoes not long ago:

On being a Hollywood assistant or intern:

“Anticipation of your bosses needs is key.”

“Always give [your internship supervisor] a 3 month commitment – so you can remind them ‘it’s my last month.'”

If you want to write in TV (which I do!) get a job at an agency.

Vince was really waht we all needed today.  When speakers are coming in and out of the room who have careers far beyond what is humanly imaginable, Vince made us feel like we may just have a chance.

84th Academy Awards – ANIMATED FEATURE FILM Symposium

Later, we all went to the the above event (I’m not writing it out again, so shift your gaze up a line – geesh.  Lazier than me!) . . . just a night of clips form teh films followed by a Q&A with the directors.  The animation was cool  . . . blah blah blah . . . IT WAS HOSTED BY PATTON OSWALD!  Yes.  PAtton Aswald.  It was amazing!  Let me give you the set up . . . Patton Oswald, two French speaking animators, two Spanish speaking animators, a cute translotor and s shy Asian animator.  Hilarity ensued.

Instead of a play by play, I found this recording on www.wearemoviegeeks.com.  Skip to 32:52 and 48:28 for some language barrier hijinks.

Enjoy, suckas!

Watch live streaming video from academyawards at livestream.com

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