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146/365 – The Graduate Path

One of the things I keep hearing — one of the constants that seems to permiate the bitterness of Hollwood is that I should not start a family.  I’ve heard it three times in as many days and it may be the most disheartening advice ever given to me.  I’m not 22 anymore.  Megan and I want to start a family as soon as we get our careers out of arrested development.  Being told, essentially, that its one or the other — well, I’m buying it and I won’t let it control my choices.

Not even a poopy dialer will control my destiny. It will control Megan's.

Maybe I’m naive.  Maybe I’m hardheaded and stubborn, but where there’s a will . . . I mean, there’s plenty of Hollywood people with kids.  Unfortunately, these speakers assume everyone is an undergrad — fresh faced and eager to take on the world . . . at 23.  I’m not.  I look young, but I know fully well that my interior biology would betray my exterior beauty.  I am HOT!  Still, let’s face it, I’m no spring chicken.  I’m a fall chicken at best.  What some people refer to as turkeys . . . because they eat them at Thanksgiving . . . in the fall . . . shut up.

Look at me. 85 and still loving life!

Even today, one of the speakers said it again.  It’s like a bad curse.  It’s keeping the knots in my stomach tight.  Like their words were medical instruments cutting my tubes for me.  Gross . . . I guess my desire for a family really does make me a good ol’ midwestern boy.  However, one of our speakers today gave enough good advice that the kids issue melted away . . ladies and gentleman, I give you —

Jeff Wadlow

Jeff, honestly, has been my favorite speaker to date.  He;s done so much cool stuff.  Even calling his film work stuff seems sacrilegious.  The sad thing is, his latest project is so big that I can’t tell you what it is.  I can tell you it’s not Sister Pants 3.  Otherwise, my admiration for Jeff is simple . . . I finally felt someone was speaking to my level of experience.

Specifically, Jeff went the same route I did – grad school.  All along, my fear has been, “Hey, dummy, did you wait too long to do this?  Are these kids that are sitting aorund you the new rank and order and you missed the boat?”  Jeff smashed those thoughts.  He said, that if anything, having the experiences I have will make my climb up the career ladder much more speedy.  That employers will look at me and realize I’m not a doofus and that I have real world experience.  That I have a work ethic that demands notice.  I can not tell you how great it was to hear this.

This is what the class sees when they look at me now! Eat it, Hitler!

Here were a few of Jeff’s words of wisdom:

“When asked if you can do something, always say yes.”  This is how he got a job as Pierce Brosnan’s assistant.

“You always need to have a dialogue with you whole crew.”

In terms of employers, find ones who will be mentors because they will help you climb the career ladder.  They want to be able to say that you succeeded because of them.

Always know what people want.

And my favorite . . .


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