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150/365 – Tomato Man Jailed For Life
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150/365 – Tomato Man Jailed For Life

Talk about copy write issues . . . what?  Didn’t you just read yesterday’s post?  Oh, you don’t read my blog posts back to back?  Why not?  It’s like one long story if you do that . . . like Paradise Lost but boring-er . . est.

Today, we had tow guests . . . the first — ZAC PENN y’all!  The writer of many comic book films.  I have nothing to say but this: he didn’t kill off Cyclops in X-Men 3.  The studio did.  Leave him alone.

Of course, some say he had it coming.

Then Kent Nichols visited the class – he’s the founder of Blip.com, an Internet site dedicated to web series.  It’s the route that Friday Nite Bytes should have taken.  Basically, you make a series, submit a proposal to Blip, they deem whether it’s worth featuring, and they help you package and market it with some additional production advice.  Again, something the fatheads at Friday Nite Bytes could have used — if they weren’t so stubborn . . . I would have loved to have seen the the money guys squirm in their seats when a professional web content creator,  like Kent , told them that  the name, Fridaynitebytes,com is dumb.

If you don’t know what FNB is, check it out. here.  It was a short lived webisode that featured sketch comedy for teens.  I was the head-writer.  The content was pretty good for the budget.  It was the execution of the site by the two founders.  Their stubbornness and lack of web nd entertainment knowledge sunk that ship quicker than Monique in a sand trap.  I asked Kent if he encounters people from the studio/film regime who just can’t get their thibnk heads around this new media . . he answered an astounding and confident yes.  So many poeplee don;t get the web and treat it like a TV show or a film.

And now, many of the lovable characters that I and my writing staff created for that show will never see the light of day — they’re locked away in the craetor’s closet never to be freed.  He owns the copy write on them.  And it sucks.  So, as a memorial, and a way to thank Kent for an awesome presentation, here’s my favorites:


CI wrote this sketch and this character for a sketch comedy class I took at IO in Chicago with Will Arnett teaching.  We had to take an adjective and a noun, put them together and write a sketch based on that.  I asked my coworkers at Pricoa Capital Group and they gave me “sketchy mascot.”   Patrick never really liked the eketch for We Have An Uncle Dick, so I tool it to FNB.  I originally had the Orange Man from Syracuse as the main character — copy write (again) and limited costume choices forced me to rewrite it — here’s the magic.



Written by the weirdest kid ever – the hilarious Chris Stephens (the guy in the Tomato Man video).  He wrote it for our Sketch Comedy For TV class at Columbia College.  We never were sure it would ever get made.  It did – and was the worse day of filming in the show’s short history.  The final cut isn’t my favorite, but we did it.  And that’s me — Dr. Shoe Hands.  This sketch is truly the most stupid beautiful thing ever.



(Unfortunately, I can not embed this one – so just click the title)

Devon Von Keygel is the brain child of Drew Korb.  It’s very representative of his style of writing.  I was able to direct the sketch but without the amazing talents of our editor, John Sawyer – who knows what this would have looked like.  I honestly can’t tell you what this means, where Drew got it form, or where we would ever see Devon again . . . but damn that wizard!



(Again, I can not embed this one – so just click the title)

Listen, Drew Write this one and I directed it.  We weren’t high . . . I swear.  There’s no explanation.  It’s Dennis



(The creators make this really hard to embed – so just click the title)

I just like to dance.



And finally, a creation of my dear wife.  We all love pigeons.  This makes me love my wife and pigeons.


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