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151/365 – Leap Over My Year
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151/365 – Leap Over My Year

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY!  That’s right.  I’ve been boring my readers with my banal sense of humor and poor grammar for 150 days.  That also means I’ve been married for 150 days.  Marriage!


I could go on about what speakers I had today in class (Andrew Bergman and Travis Mann), or what tips screenwriter Mr. Bergman gave us — like

  1. Be confident and happy to be at a pitch – convery a sense of entitlement to be there.
  2. Help Executives apprehension with your confidence.
  3. When a listener starts to wilt, use your enthusiasm to bring em back.
  4. Don’t write down your pitch – leaves no room for improvisation if story need to change.
  5. Lights in the listener can go off quickly, get them on board at the start.
  6. Don;t use character names – slows the pitch down.
  7. Start with the general and then go specific.
  8. Don’t make it episodic.

Oh.  I did list them.

But hell, it’s Leap Year and the 150th edition of The First 365 Days — wait . . . crap.  It’s a leap year.  That means I have to change the name of this blog to The First 366 Days.


Pablo!  Return those t-shirts, buttons and crazy straws with the blog name.  They’re useless.  (Pablo’s my intern . . . he’s also me . . . I wish I was Hispanic.)

I'm also the greatest painter of the 20th century.

Well, it’s still been 150 days since I got married.  My wife is great.  We’re still very much in love . . . what did you say Pablo? . . . HOLY CRAP!  It’s Leap Year and it’s my 150th day of marriage and it’s the 150th blog post AND the new Avengers trailer came out! . . . This trumps all those things.  Sorry, Leap Year, I’ll talk to you in four years.  Sorry, baby . . . Hey!  I’m talking to my wife!  Shut your ears . . . or eyes — stop peeking!  I’m gonna whisper type now so you won’t hear my sweet notnings to Megan . . .

{Sorry baby.  I love you very much.  You’re the reason I’m not a complete idiot . . . but, note, that means there’s still some idiocy left in me . . . so that part of me needs to share the Avenegers trailer with my readers . . . . . no they’re not listening.  Don’t be so paranoid — what?}  LEAP YEAR – stop eavesdropping!  {Sorry, baby.  That was just Leap Year.  He’s an idiot.  Always popping up when he’s least wanted and making my life longer than it needs to be.  Anyway, I love you.  150 days — weeeee.  Gotta go}


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