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Monthly Archives: February 2012


131/365 – Cloning the Clones

Star Wars, Episode I; The Phantom Menace is being re-released tonight . . . in mother fucking 3D.  Yeah, the swearing was absolutely necessary.  Of course, if tone of voice was as desernable in text as it is in speech, I wouldn’t have so many […]


130/365 – Babies Make Poo, You Know?

Megan and I were watching yet another TV show with pregnant people in it.  Is this the cosmos giving us hints about our next step in life?  Because, if it is, screw you cosmos.  Babies?  How about money?  Then we can talk babies. In any […]


129/365 – Coffee is Love

I’m reading this short story collection entitled “You’ve Got To Read This”.  I got it as a christmas present more than 12 years ago from my mom and am just getting to it.  It was edited by Ron Hansen, an old high school classmate of […]


128/365 – Grill Job

We live in an era where finding your dream job – a job that helps you live while simultaneously gives you sense of purpose and fulfillment – is not just a possibility but a right.  Where our grandparents took jobs because it was a matter […]

She'll make an excellent football player.

127/365 – It’s A Sporty Crime

It’s Super Bowl Day.  Wooo hooo, yeah!   Good thing I married a woman who could care less about sports.  She stayed home memorizing lines for her play.  I went to “watch” the game with friends.  So, there’s no better time than today to espouse […]

How could this man hold a grudge against anything?  Oh, and he's farting in that water.  I know it.

126/365 – An Open Letter To Dad

Dear Dad, A few nights ago, when I went to the gym, I realized I am my father’s son for two reasons.  One, because I went to the gym in the first place.  Trying to stay healthy.  I even went swimming.  I remember when we […]


125/365 – Sprinkled

Megan and I were watching TV last week (Battlestar Galactica in case you were interested).  I won’t reveal too much because I know all of you want to watch Battlestar, but I can say that it was an episode where a character reveals she is […]

Because everyone knows granola bars are just bio-degradble construction bricks.  Duh!

124/365 – Granola Isn’t Food!

After days of writing blog posts about nothing, nothing and more nothing, I finally had something interesting happen.  Well, I wouldn’t say it was the most fantastic thing to ever happen – not as if REM walked in to my place of work and offered […]

At this rate, we might as well get packed and move here.

123/365 – Boring

This has been a real boring week.  Just nothing happening.  Seriously.  Nothing . . . at least noting worth writing about.  Sure, I have all those ideas I listed yesterday, but I’m not read for them quite yet — meaning, it’s not the right time. […]